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Heer Maan Ja: And The Award For The Best Eidul Azha Film Goes To…

Https:// IRK Films Introduced Us To The World Of Heer (Hareem Farooq), A Young Soo...

Created: 18-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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Imran Khan And Rodrigo Duterte, Two Leaders Who Care About Their Countrymen Abroad

When People From Countries Like The Philippines Or Pakistan Go Abroad, They Do Not Do So Because They Want To Turn The...

Created: 16-Aug-2019 00:00:02

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Five Reasons Why Surkh Chandni Is A Milestone Of Our Drama Industry

Starring The Versatile Sohai Ali Abro, Heartthrob Osman Khalid Butt, And Powerhouse Performer Asad Abbas, The Serial P...

Created: 13-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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A Father’s Gift On Eid

“You Can’t Touch My Goat,” Sahil’s Face Paled With Anger. Feroza’s Eyes Were Suddenly Watery With Tears. She...

Created: 12-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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Will Reforming The Guardianship Law Lead To Real Change In Saudi Arabia?

This Is The Newest Addition To A Series Of Emancipation Measures – Among Which Was A Sexual Harassment Law And Givi...

Created: 11-Aug-2019 00:00:02

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India And Pakistan Need To Win Peace, Not Arguments

The Problem With This Argument Is That It Disregards History, ignores The Larger Reality Of Geo-politics And Complete...

Created: 07-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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Pacino, De Niro, Pesci And Scorsese – Can The Irishman Be Anything But Epic?

Despite Having Quite A Varied Filmography, The Genre That Scorsese Has Always Felt Most At Home With Has Been The Gang...

Created: 05-Aug-2019 00:00:04

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The Cognisant State

All The Workings Of One’s Own Soul, A World Enamoured With Ruby, Sapphire And Gold. The Eternal Wound Of The First B...

Created: 05-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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Does Karachi Have Anything Else To Offer Other Than Food?

Almost All Renowned Areas Of Karachi Are Famous For Not Just Food Outlets But Entire Food Streets That Are Insanely Po...

Created: 03-Aug-2019 00:00:03

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Money Heist 3 Retains The Thrills And Raises The Stakes

In Its First Quarterly Report Of 2018, Netflix Announced That Money Heist Was The Most Watched foreign Language Serie...

Created: 31-Jul-2019 00:00:04

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Modi Has No One To Blame But Himself For Imran-Trump’s Successful Meet

Afghanistan, Trade And Kashmir All Of Eurasia Is Still Trying To Process The Grand Strategic Implications Of What Too...

Created: 31-Jul-2019 00:00:03

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There Is More To Mohammad Amir’s Retirement Than Meets The Eye

It Goes Without Saying That Test Cricket Is The Toughest Form Of The Game, Where Only The Best Can Survive. Any Player...

Created: 30-Jul-2019 00:00:04

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Pakistan’s Education Crisis: Enrolled In Schools, Unable To Learn

Maina Gathinjaga WaGîokõ, A Fellow Educationist From Kenya, Once Said, “I Am Not Worried About The 850,000 Who Are...

Created: 30-Jul-2019 00:00:04

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Fahmida Riaz’s Departing Present Opens Up ‘A World Of Possibilities’

But Even During Her Last Days, She Gave Us Two Remarkable Books As Departing Presents: Tum Kabeer, Her Last Collectio...

Created: 29-Jul-2019 00:00:04

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#TherapistDiaries: What Schizophrenia Is – And Isn’t

As A Child, I Would See People On The Streets And In Shrines With No Sense Of Their Surroundings. They Would Stare At ...

Created: 29-Jul-2019 00:00:03

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