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The International Response To Sudan: Just Another Day In ‘Dictatorland’

This Disinterest Persists Even During The Current Upheaval In Sudan, Where Ordinary Citizens Have Been Protesting, And...

Created: 20-Jun-2019 00:00:04

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Is The ICC Biased Against Muslim Players?

According To Najam, The ICC Gave Preferential Treatment To Indian Players By Giving Them Ample Time To Refresh Prior T...

Created: 20-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Murder Mystery: An Unexceptional, Unmemorable Summer Movie

Https:// Created In The Image Of The Many Mystery Movies Which Have Come Before It...

Created: 19-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Ashamed Of Being ‘too Pakistani,’ Is Sajid Javid ‘British Enough’ To Become The PM?

Javid Has Modelled Himself Around The Idea Of A ‘British Dream,’ Where If You Work Hard, Anyone Can Make It. Howev...

Created: 18-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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#TherapistDiaries: Is That Tall, Dark Figure A Paranormal Force Or A Cultural Belief?

. South Asian Culture Is Very Rich In Terms Of Folklore, Myths, Ghost Stories And Remedial Measures For The Paranormal....

Created: 17-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Frozen II: Prepare To Be Enchanted By Some More Musical Magic This Winter

History, In Fact, Appears To Be Of Some Importance In Frozen II, The Much Anticipated Sequel That Continues The Tale ...

Created: 16-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Artemis Is One Giant Leap In The Wrong Direction For Andy Weir

Artemis appears To Be Andy Weir’s Sophomore Slump. The American Writer’s First Novel, The Martian – The Story...

Created: 15-Jun-2019 00:00:04

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Swineryy: The Modern Day Zorro, The Seth McFarlane Of Pakistani Comedy

I Was Introduced To Swineryy By A Friend, As Most People Were, And My Gut Reaction Was: This Is Bad. Maybe It Was The ...

Created: 15-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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So Close Yet So Far: What Happened, Pakistan?

I Feel As If Shaheen Afridi Was The Root Cause Of It Initially. While Mohammad Amir Built Pressure At One End, Afridi ...

Created: 14-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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WC2019: With 6 Crucial Games Remaining, Can Pakistan Make It To Semi-finals?

The Road Ahead After Being Demolished By West Indies In Their Opening Game Of The World Cup, Most Of Us Were Very Sce...

Created: 13-Jun-2019 00:00:02

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Aladdin: All Spectacle And No Heart

And Does It Exceed Or Even Match The Joy Of The Original? No. No, It Does Not. Https://

Created: 12-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Rambo: Last Blood Seems Like A Fitting End To A Much-loved, Explosive Series

How Dated You Ask? Well, One Of Them Is Set During The Soviet-Afghan War And Involves Rambo Going To Afghanistan To Tr...

Created: 08-Jun-2019 00:00:02

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I Got Dreams, Dreams To Remember

I Repeated This For Hours On The Soft Prayer Mat That Cushioned My Knees. My Hands Were Cupped Close To My Chest, A Tea...

Created: 07-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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What/If: Defying The Norms Of Conventional Television

This Is Where The New Netflix Neo-noir Thriller What/If Comes In, For It Defies The Norms Of Conventional Television....

Created: 07-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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Chhalawa: Don’t Waste Your Eidi Or Your Time

With A Comparatively Newer Cast Alongside Box Office Superstar Mehwish Hayat, Wajahat Rauf’s Latest Film Chhalawa r...

Created: 06-Jun-2019 00:00:03

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