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To Karachi, With Love

I Know That You’re Probably Busy With Your Everyday Schedule But I Decided To Write To You Anyway. I Hope You Listen...

Created: 14-Oct-2014 19:00:02

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Why US Is Leading The War Against ISIS

In ISIS We Have A Phenomenon That, For Once, Is Uniting In A Common Cause Every Other State In The Region, Whether Sun...

Created: 13-Oct-2014 19:00:06

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For The West, Malala Fits The Image Of Pakistan But Edhi Does Not

By Suggesting This, I Am Not Trying To Imply That Malala Doesn’t Deserve Her Accolades; She Represents Hope, Valour,...

Created: 13-Oct-2014 19:00:03

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Gone Girl: David Fincher Makes Our Jaw Drop Yet Again

With The Amazing End Of Se7en and An Even More Ultra-dramatic Finish of Fight Club, David Fincher Has Made My Jaw ...

Created: 12-Oct-2014 19:00:04

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‘Naya Pakistan’ Needs To Answer Some Fundamental Questions

As I Listen To His Speeches, Quite Frankly, I Love The Idea Of Naya Pakistan More And More Each Day, But What Really C...

Created: 12-Oct-2014 19:00:02

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Tahir Malik: VIP Culture Destroying Lives, Again

The Story Is Not news Anymore In Pakistan. We Have Been Insulated By Insensitivity And Have Started Taking Such Killi...

Created: 11-Oct-2014 19:00:07

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Ben Affleck, Islamophobia And The Western Media

If You Have Been Following The recent Clash between Maher And Affleck, Then Let’s Give A High Five To Affleck For ...

Created: 11-Oct-2014 19:00:06

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When Did Not Rising For A National Anthem Become A Crime?

In Late August, 25-year-old Salman Was charged With Sedition in Kerala For Refusing To Rise During The National Anth...

Created: 11-Oct-2014 19:00:05

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Gandhiji Would Have Been Proud Of You, Kailash Satyarthi

My Father, Who Was One Year Senior To This Electrical Engineering Student, Vividly Remembers Him As That Shy, Reticent...

Created: 11-Oct-2014 19:00:03

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Dear Politicians, It’s About Time You Divide And Devolve

Oh The Horror At The Thought Of Division Of The Country! No, No. It’s Nothing As Horrible As The Politicians Woul...

Created: 09-Oct-2014 19:00:05

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Deaths, Blame Game And Indo-Pak Ceasefires, When Will It End?

Like Always, Both Sides Are Shifting The Blame On Each Other For The “unprovoked Violation Of Ceasefire”. This Is ...

Created: 09-Oct-2014 19:00:03

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Gullu Butt Bakra, Raja The Cow And Our Immature Pakistani Media

Days And Nights Are Devoted In Praising Him, Whilst Cutting Oneself Off From Worldly Desires And Temptations. The End ...

Created: 08-Oct-2014 19:00:02

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Eidul Azha Is Nothing But A Pool Of Blood

Different Animals, Ranging From Cows And Goats To Camels, Were Seen Almost Everywhere, Albeit on A Street or A Forme...

Created: 07-Oct-2014 19:00:04

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This Eid, There Was No Spirit Of Sacrifice For Me

The Street Was Soon Swarming With Kids Of All Ages And Sizes, Running Towards Something That Seemed To Possess A Magne...

Created: 07-Oct-2014 19:00:02

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When One Starts Questioning The Rituals Of Eidul Azha

The Animals Would Be Much Less Expensive, Much More readily Available, And The Sense Of Community In Sharing The Meat...

Created: 06-Oct-2014 19:00:05

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