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Islam May Be Trending On The Streets Of New York

Most Of The Food Carts In The City Are Halal, And The Number One Street Cart In The City Is Called ‘Halal Guys’. T...

Created: 17-Nov-2014 19:00:04

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Our Disregard For Our National Game

Good To Know. But While Our Cricket Team Seems To Be Aiming For The Stars, Our hockey Team is Being Treated Like Its...

Created: 17-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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Thar: A Picture Of Negligence

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Has Been Ruling Sindh Since The Past Six Year. Six Years Is Enough Time For A Provincial ...

Created: 16-Nov-2014 19:00:02

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The King Of Comebacks

On The November 13, 2014, Pakistan Beat New Zealand In A Test Match And Misbah Officially Became The Most Successful ...

Created: 13-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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Will Real Madrid Survive This International Break?

Real Madrid Has Had An Incredible Run Of Form In The Past Couple Of Months – Winning Every Game They’ve Played Sin...

Created: 11-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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Polio Vaccine: Is It Really As Safe As It Is Claimed To Be?

The Short Answer Is: No, It’s Not Completely Safe. Not Only Can It Cause Permanent Disability In Some Children, It A...

Created: 10-Nov-2014 19:00:05

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Rebuilding Pakistan: The Journey Of Two Boys

Too Often We Underestimate The Importance Of Empathy And Compassion. We Find Faults In Others, Criticise Them For Their ...

Created: 10-Nov-2014 19:00:04

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Interstellar – A Quest For The Human Spirit

[caption Id="" Align="alignnone" Width="600"] Photo: Interstellar Official Facebook Page[/caption] While Tom Is Mor...

Created: 10-Nov-2014 19:00:02

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Death With Dignity Is Not Suicide

These Words From Tecumseh Sound Entirely True For The 29-year-old Newly-wed, Brittany Maynard, Who Has Decided To End H...

Created: 09-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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Stem Cell Research And Ethical Dilemmas: How Far Have We Come?

The Division Of stem Cell through mitosis creates A New Cell That Has The Potential Of Either Remaining A Stem Cel...

Created: 09-Nov-2014 19:00:02

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Are You Sure You Want To #SayNoToBollywood?

Https:// Https://

Created: 08-Nov-2014 19:00:02

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Maligning Islam In The Name Of Blasphemy

In The Presence Of The Rule Of Law – As Demanded By The Holy Quran And Our Constitution – Blasphemy Would Be Dealt...

Created: 07-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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If Ebola Hits Pakistan

This Infection Produces A Range Of mild To Deadly Reactions in People, From Complete Resistance To Moderate To Sever...

Created: 06-Nov-2014 19:00:03

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Injustice Prevails At Aitchison College

“I Do Not Like The Number One Thousand And Seventy, So I’ll Make Every Effort To Bring That Number Down To Only A Th...

Created: 06-Nov-2014 19:00:02

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Refreshing Our Faulty Memory: Gilgit-Baltistan And Kashmir Go Hand In Hand

This Is A Historical Fact, Though The PPP Tries To Hide It As They Are Hiding Other Blunders As Well, Counting On The ...

Created: 05-Nov-2014 19:00:07

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