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Mr Prime Minister, Do You Support Religious Bigotry?

I Hope This Letter Finds You Well. I Am Sure You Are Busy; So Let Me Cut To The Chase. You Know Well That Pakistanâ...

Created: 01-Mar-2015 05:00:06

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Mr Spock, May Ye Live Long, Dear Friend, And Prosper, In Eternity

These Emphatic Productions, Both In Print And Electronic Media, Called Upon People To Stretch Their Neurons, And Envis...

Created: 01-Mar-2015 05:00:05

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16 Photos That Prove India And Pakistan Are Just The Same

We Are Like Neighbours Who May Not Be Too Happy With The Noisy Parties The Other Throws But Who Would Still Like To Be...

Created: 01-Mar-2015 05:00:04

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“We Are Not At War With Islam. We Are At War With People Who Have Perverted Islam.”

In Any Case, Why Would The West Be At War With Islam When Many Muslims Are Doing A Pretty Darned Good Job Of It Themse...

Created: 01-Mar-2015 05:00:02

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May Peace Win

“An Iranian Educational And Exhibition Centre Has Launched An International Cartoon Competition Around The Theme Of Ho...

Created: 28-Feb-2015 05:00:08

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It Is Not Just The West, Islamophobia Is On The Rise In Pakistan Too

After The Charlie Hebdo Attack of January 7th, The Denmark Shootings of February 14th and The Public flogging Of...

Created: 28-Feb-2015 05:00:06

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Mews Cafe: An Aesthetically Delightful Experience

[caption Id="" Align="alignnone" Width="595"] Photo: Mushal Zaman[/caption] Even Though Quite A Few People Have Giv...

Created: 28-Feb-2015 05:00:03

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Remembering Anwer Sultana With Some Baisani Roti And Afghani Chuttney

Nani had A Huge Herb And Vegetable Garden At The Back Of The House. The Garden Always Had One Particular Herb Every W...

Created: 26-Feb-2015 05:00:07

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Why The BBC’s Lyse Doucet Failed To Understand Pakistan

When I First Looked At The Headline “Book Lovers Defy The Bombers”, I Thought It Was Done As A Joke. In 2009, The ...

Created: 26-Feb-2015 05:00:05

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It’s Time For The ICC To Revamp The World Cup Format

This Is A Flagship Event Of the International Cricket Council (ICC) but Considering The Importance Of This Tournamen...

Created: 26-Feb-2015 05:00:04

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Is Dog Culling Inhumane?

The Pup Was A Cute, Cuddly, Fluff Ball, All White With Just A Hint Of Black. Initially, We Called Him Snoopy, For A Fe...

Created: 26-Feb-2015 05:00:03

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Why Just Stop At Teachers And Students? We All Need Guns

There Is So Much Pressure On Men To Force Women To Do Things Just So That They Stay Socially Relevant. Think Back To S...

Created: 25-Feb-2015 05:00:07

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When I Had To Save Myself From Depression

Knowing That I Did Not Share The Mood In The Room, I Grabbed My Tea And Headed For The Corridor. That Long Corridor Wi...

Created: 25-Feb-2015 05:00:05

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Four Reasons Why Sending Younus Khan As An Opener Is Justifed

But If We Were To Take A Moment And Try To Understand The Decision, We Would See That The Management Had Sound Reasons...

Created: 25-Feb-2015 05:00:04

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How Serious Is The ISIS Threat To South Asia?

The Group’s Literature Has circulated In Pakistan, And Its Flags Have Been Spotted In Kashmir. Several Pakistani Mi...

Created: 25-Feb-2015 05:00:03

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