Pakistan on path to stability, says President Mamnoon

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain said on Tuesday that Pakistan has successfully overcame many complex issues including terrorism and the national economy was on track, leading to stability in the country.

“Terrorism has been eradicated to a great extent and the national economy is on the right track which will lead to greater development and stability in the country,” he said at the inauguration ceremony of 1st International Deans Conference of Engineering Institutions organised by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in Islamabad.

Federal Minister for Science & Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain also addressed the gathering on the occasion.

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The president noted that during the last few decades, terrorism had a debilitating impact on the economy which caused unemployment. People in the field of engineering were likewise affected by the situation, he added.

However, the president recognised the change in circumstances and Pakistan’s ability to overcome complex issues.

President Mamnoon emphasised that in this age of connectivity, the development of Pakistan and China as well as the entire region is linked with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He pointed out that defects started surfacing after projects were completed citing issues relating to maintenance.

The PEC has a huge responsibility in maintaining international standards in order to benefit from opportunities like CPEC, the president noted. Improvement in professional standards and engineering education have to continue, furthermore PEC should prepare viable proposals in this regard, he added.

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President Mamnoon expressed his pleasure on Pakistan becoming a signatory of Washington Accord last year. “It is of vital importance for the field of engineering and participation in this important international forum will strengthen the engineering sector in Pakistan,” he stated.

Chairman Higher Education Commission Prof Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Vice Chairman PEC, Secretary General Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology Prof. Muhammad Noor,  Engr. Dr. Jameel Ahmed and local as well as foreign experts were present at the ceremony.

The president also gave away shields to the participants on the occasion.

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