Anti-polio drive team narrowly escapes blast near Bajaur Agency



PESHAWAR: An anti-polio drive team narrowly escaped a blast, on Tuesday, set up to target them in Munda, Bajaur Agency.

Approximately six team members were busy administering drops during the drive when an IED planted nearby went off in the area known as Arif Kalay.

A police official at the blast site told The Express Tribune that while the explosion caused fear and the campaign was temporarily halted, no loss of life or injury was reported.

Polio team security attacked in Bajaur Agency

Earlier, in Chitral, as temperatures fall to a minimum of four degrees Celsius, a three-day vaccination campaign in the valley had apparently been delayed until November 10 with the district management preoccupied with preparations for a political gathering by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan scheduled to be held later this week.

Officials involved in the anti-polio campaigns say that while the campaign continues the year around, the winter season between November and March was ideal for targeting the virus since the polio virus struggles for its survival and its growth shrinks.

Attacks on the polio team have been frequent in Pakistan especially in K-P. Last month, at least three Levy personnel were injured when an the vehicle came in contact with an improvised explosive device at Rashakai in Bajaur Agency

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