Unfair burqa poster criticised ahead of Swiss naturalisation debate

Swiss right-wing radicals have launched a contentious poster to campaign against the upcoming referendum on the naturalisation for third generation immigrants.

The poster has been criticised for being humiliating and prejudiced.

Unveiled at railway stations throughout Switzerland this week, the poster shows a woman clad in a burqa with the caption, “Uncontrolled naturalisation? No to facilitated naturalisation”.

Swiss law fines Muslims up to £8,000 for wearing burqas

The poster, launched on Monday, was authorised by a committee co-led by Swiss People’s Party (SVP) MP Andreas Glarner to resist the facilitated naturalisation bill.

The bill could bring about mass naturalisations, which may have “damaging consequences for Swiss culture and identity.”

PHOTO: Komitee Gegen Erleichterte Einbuergerung

“The overpopulation of foreigners and the massive increase in the number of Muslims would change the very essence of Switzerland as well as our society and its values,” the statement read.

“The burqa is a symbol of lack of integration.” Said Glarner, speaking to 20 Minuten.

However, many who support the bill have critcised the “dirty campaign”. Further, Christian-Democrat MP Rosmarie Quadranti clarified that the burqa was in no way connected to the facilitated naturalisation bill. She called the campaign ’embarrassing’ and ‘unfair’.

Muslim students face $5,000 fine for refusing to shake hands with female teachers in Switzerland

Switzerland’s population of eight million people includes an estimated 350,000 Muslims. Swiss law on integration has resulted in fines for Muslims a number of times.

In May 2016, two Muslim students faced $5,000 fine for refusing to shake hands with female teachers in the country. A Swiss court also fined a Muslim man for cancelling his daughters’ swimming lessons.

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