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At the time of Independence there was no time for any sort of innovations in the field of administration. Thus an organization with the name of -> Pakistan savings Central Bureau-> was created and the Savings work was entrusted to it by the Government of Pakistan, but this Bureau had its own peculiarities. The Pakistan Savings Central Bureau had no independent entity and was not given the same status as enjoyed by Savings Bureau, Simla. The head of the Pakistan Savings Central Bureau was then called Central National Savings Officer, a Junior Officer of the Ministry of Finance with the status of an Under Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. He was assisted by a Superintendent having some auxiliary staff. In 1953, the Pakistan Savings Control Bureau was re-named as Central Directorate of National Savings and it carried out the functions on the lines of National Savings Bureau Simla but as a part and parcel of the Finance Division, Central Directorate of National Savings was only responsible for publicity, and the operative agents were the Provincial Governments as well as Pakistan post Offices. However, the entire expenditure in this regard was borne by the Central Government. Such an arrangement created a large number of administrative difficulties and stunted the growth of savings. In view of these difficulties the Central Directorate of National Savings was given the status of an Attached Department in September, 1960, and was made responsible for all policy matters and execution of various National Savings Schemes.

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