advance telecom in abbotabad

Advance Telecom, a company that not only operates as the nation’s leading mobile phone distributor and Nokia’s official preferred partner but also we believe to have evolved beyond the rudimentary status of a distributor. We see ourselves and every other entity in the communication business as a partner in the communication model. Advance Telecom joins hands with both the telecom service providers and Nokia, the product producer in forming a communication model which enables the end-users to enjoy the revolution of cellular communication. Over the years with God’s blessings we have earned a well reputed and distinguished status in the industry through our honest efforts over a consistent period of time. With over a decade and a half of dedicated and devoted efforts we proudly claim to have a significant family of loyal customers and arc connecting with numerous new members each year. Our nationwide network is spread all across, and we are making our best efforts to ensure that we satisfy our customer requirements in all aspects and at all times assuring an effective communication experience.

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Address : advance telecom, asdfasdf, abbotabad

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