bank islami in sukkur

The State Bank of Pakistan declared BankIslami Pakistan Limited as a Scheduled Bank with effect from March 17, 2006. BankIslami started its Banking operations on 7th April 2006 with its first branch in SITE, Karachi. By the end of 2006, the Bank had 10 branches, nine in Karachi and one in Quetta. The Bank further concentrated in building a nationwide network and by the end of year 2007, its branch network grew to 36 branches in 23 cities. In 2008, the Bank opened 66 new branches nationwide which expanded its network to 102 branches in 49 cites. By the end of 2013, the Bank has achieved the target of 201 branches in 77 cities nationwide This gives BankIslami the distinction of having the fastest expanding network in Pakistan as well as offering the widest network by any Islamic Bank in Pakistan.

Address Locations

Sukkur Branch

Address : bank islami, Sukkur Branch, Umar Welding Store City Survey No. 3/21 Station Road Sukkur., sukkur

Contact : 071-5617322-8