Shubinak in chitral

“Shubinak” is a word which has two different yet interlinked meanings. In “Khowar”, the ancient language of the high valleys of Chitral, Shubinak refers to the warping of a loom by women spinners and it is originally the word for ‘spider’, nature’s master weaver. This is why the brand has borrowed the term “Shubinak” to describe an enterprise system that employs, involves and links together household women of the isolated mountain villages of Chitral. Life is hard yet fragile in this region and even a small amount of cash income can make an enormous difference to the lifestyle of a household. Shubinak provides for these women a connection to the outside world through which they can achieve economic sustainability, and exhibit their natural and unique skills and products.

Address Locations

chitral branch

Address : Shubinak, Anwaz building, Shahi Masjid Road, Chitral, pakistan

Contact : +92 943 4146 01