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Combining some of the most respected brands in the financial services business -- the Global Consumer Bank and the Global Corporate Investment Bank - are uniquely positioned to offer a complete array of financial products. Citigroup operates in a global economic environment which requires the expertise of a true market leader. Global Consumer Bank Citibank Pakistan has demonstrated its ability to identify market needs and develop products which are unique in concept and fulfill customer requirements. The aptitude to develop lifelong relationships while maintaining quality measures and technological efficiencies has assisted Citibank in becoming a true market leader. Powerful distribution networks, electronic channels, myriad of financial products which cater to customer mix, broad product capabilities - this is what is needed to succeed in the volatile markets of today. This is what allows us to offer institutes worldwide the right financial solutions - every time, all the time. Global Corporate and Investment Bank Corporate and investment banking clients include corporations at every stage of development. Catering to the changing needs of corporations and leveraging on long term relationships, we execute transactions of almost any size, of every level of complexity, and back them with a wide distribution network. Every customer is served by a versatile team of relationship managers who ensure in-depth knowledge of trends and opportunities while synchronizing their financial activities.
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