United Bank In Pakistan

With over 1400 domestic branches all over Pakistan and 19 overseas branches UBL is one of the largest banks in Pakistan.It begun with a vision, a vision of unparallel progress and unmatched excellence true to the spirit of the era! November 7th 1959, Pakistan witnessed an event that would change the way we banked forever. It was not just the inauguration of UBL’s first branch at I.I. Chundrigar; it was also the birth of the culture of service, a culture of innovation and a culture of financial excellence! UBL has kept pace with- and often exceeded the changing needs of changing times. Keeping the tradition of innovation alive, UBL introduced Pakistan’s first credit card, the UNICARD in 70’s and left its mark by launching the Pak Rupees traveler cheques in 1971. Staying true to its roots, UBL was also the first bank to have an Islamic banking division and the first to introduce e-banking facilities at Hajj. In the 1990’s the government of Pakistan decided to change the face of banking by creating a blueprint to privatize UBL. At this point, financial experts were called on board to set the bank back on course, and with implementation of relevant changes, the government privatized the bank in the year 2002 – Best way and Al Ayaan collaborated, forming the cornerstone for the UBL of tomorrow.
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