Utility Store Corporation In Pakistan

The USC is committed to provide clean, graded, hygienically fit, unadulterated genuine food and non-food items to the public and specially to the poorer segments of the society, at comparatively cheaper rates than the market and to offer them a pleasant environment of mutual confidence while making their purchases. It is also committed towards its obligation to provide economic relief to the public by playing its role as a price moderator and deterrent to profiteering, hoarding and black-marketing.its world Largest Retail Store Chain. In almost all the societies, there is, inter alia, a general tendency to acquire more and more wealth by all means. Similar situation was also being faced by Pakistan where majority of the private traders were applying tactics like creation of artificial shortages of essential items of consumption, black-marketing, charging high prices etc. The public had become hostages in the hands of the unscrupulous traders and had no option but to buy from them at what ever prices they demanded. In order to tide over this situation, and to provide economic relief to the public, the Federal Government established Utility Stores Corporation (USC) in July 1971 and placed it under the control of Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives
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