Kamdani In Pakistan

Kamdani is yet another promising project by Fashion ka ghar. As the name suggests, Kamdani takes embellishment to a whole new level. Run by the young and very talented Sundus Muzaffar, Kamdani deals with bridal, semi formal and formal attire. This is not about you coming in and getting something off the rack, this is personalised. We believe just like every person is different, they deserve something made for them alone and no one else. Kamdani promises a total one on one where your clothes reflect the inside of you outside. And the best part is, we are letting guys get the share they deserve. Yes, we deal in men's wear as well so all that i said above applies to hunks too! Kamdani is many things, an outlet, a boutique and a fashion house complete with a nice corner for accessories and jewellery , call it what you like. So come forth and see how we house traditional and contemporary styles under the same roof, where clothes reflect ever changing trends but most of all, what you yourself want from them.
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