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Did you think Kamlesh’s “soluchan” was funny?

Did You Think Kamlesh’s “soluchan” Was Funny? I saw this video accidentally, and could not find a single reason to laugh. In fact
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Nusrat and her dupatta

Nusrat And Her Dupatta

. So, Nusrat would wake up at 5am. At 4am. At 3:30am. All to see the sun that rose so elegantly into the dewy mornings of Octo
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Without any investigation, how can Pakistan Hockey Federation drop Syeda Sadia and Iqra Javed for accusing their coach of sexual harassment?

Without Any Investigation, How Can Pakistan Hockey Federation Drop Syeda Sadia And Iqra Javed For Accusing Their Coach Of Sexual Harassment?

In more recent times, the global #MeToo campaign demonstrated how endemic this problem is, cutting across geographical and cul
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The Disaster Artist: The best movie about the creation of the worst movie ever?

The Disaster Artist: The Best Movie About The Creation Of The Worst Movie Ever?

Wiseau’s melodramatic romance is commonly deemed as ‘the worst film ever made’. From the shoddy direction and production,
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Bujayote: The future of Pakistan’s musical valley may be bright, but the future of their music is dark

Bujayote: The Future Of Pakistan’s Musical Valley May Be Bright, But The Future Of Their Music Is Dark

The area is also locally known as “Ustadishoo Deh” which literally means the neighbourhood of the musicians. Yasin Valley is
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The truth about why Saudi Arabia and Israel are forming an alliance to destabilise Lebanon

The Truth About Why Saudi Arabia And Israel Are Forming An Alliance To Destabilise Lebanon

Yes, Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich country who uses its money to great effect on the international level. Saudi Arabia’s relati
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‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is an unremarkable, conventional and lifeless adaptation of one of the most renowned classics

‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Is An Unremarkable, Conventional And Lifeless Adaptation Of One Of The Most Renowned Classics

While television shows like Twin Peaks, Sherlock and the latest Riverdale have continued to reinforce the classical constru
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In Pakistan, rape might go unpunished, but a movie on rape cannot

In Pakistan, Rape Might Go Unpunished, But A Movie On Rape Cannot

Bol highlighted the practice of having innumerable children in the name of religion, especially when you cannot even feed them,
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Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and more – everything about ‘The Post’ screams spectacular!

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks And More – Everything About ‘The Post’ Screams Spectacular!

Right down from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, all the way up to Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, with Tom Cr
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Farewell, Saeed Ajmal! You made sure the world remembers you as the ‘bowling magician’!

Farewell, Saeed Ajmal! You Made Sure The World Remembers You As The ‘bowling Magician’!

Whenever I turn on the TV set, flip through channels and happen to run into highlights of a match featuring him, I stop. I just
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Do you take antibiotics for a seasonal flu or viral infection? If yes, then you’re as ignorant as the doctor who prescribed it

Do You Take Antibiotics For A Seasonal Flu Or Viral Infection? If Yes, Then You’re As Ignorant As The Doctor Who Prescribed It

The discovery of antibiotics brought a new era in medicine that enabled us to save lives by treating the diseases that were once
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Why it is important for MQM-P and PSP to resolve their differences and form an alliance… again

Why It Is Important For MQM-P And PSP To Resolve Their Differences And Form An Alliance… Again

However, within 24 hours of the press conference, amid news of serious rifts between MQM-P’s top leadership, Sattar announced
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My feminism does not teach me to hate men

My Feminism Does Not Teach Me To Hate Men

“Gender, sexuality and women’s studies!” Considering that I was the only women’s studies major among the many political
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Other than cricket, Pakistan is failing at every sport that it excelled at in the past

Other Than Cricket, Pakistan Is Failing At Every Sport That It Excelled At In The Past

It is indeed a sad day for an already sports-deprived country when top talent is forced to change teams due to years of constan
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‘Downsizing’ seems pretty wacky, even for a science fiction movie

‘Downsizing’ Seems Pretty Wacky, Even For A Science Fiction Movie

However, with his seventh film, Downsizing, Payne is making his first foray into science fiction with a film that seems very mu
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