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The fantastic Fakhar-e-Pakistan

The Fantastic Fakhar-e-Pakistan

For the first 22 balls in the fourth ODI, Zaman stood at the non-striker’s end watching Imamul Haq try to find the middle of h
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Teefa in Trouble may not be one of the best, but it surely sets new benchmarks

Teefa In Trouble May Not Be One Of The Best, But It Surely Sets New Benchmarks The story revolves around Teefa (Zafar) who is a thug-for-hire and is asked to kidn
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Hero versus Pakistan’s villains

Hero Versus Pakistan’s Villains

This is the story of Hero, a donkey that remains in critical condition after violent abuse. Every time I think our morality and
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Despite everything, I will still vote for PML-N

Despite Everything, I Will Still Vote For PML-N

One day, I decided to test out this infamous bus service, from Model Town to Lahore Fort, expecting to witness how utterly sens
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Remembering Saghar Siddiqui: The maverick who poetically bared corruption and opportunism

Remembering Saghar Siddiqui: The Maverick Who Poetically Bared Corruption And Opportunism

Had Saghar lived longer, I have no doubt he would have been as popular among the youth of Pakistan as Jaun Elia is today, if not
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To vote or not to vote: 6 questions that need to be answered before Election Day

To Vote Or Not To Vote: 6 Questions That Need To Be Answered Before Election Day

There is, however, a huge class of “concerned citizens” (read: chattering class) who have started raising some questions on
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No one knows what is really happening in Balochistan

No One Knows What Is Really Happening In Balochistan

Let’s take a look at recent terror attacks in Mastung, a district located about 50 miles southwest of Quetta. In early June o
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“If I score, I’m French; If I don’t, I’m Arab”: Why France needs to recognise its “others”

“If I Score, I’m French; If I Don’t, I’m Arab”: Why France Needs To Recognise Its “others” As a lot of people have been pointing out on social media, 15 play
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The dam charity: Sorry, I can’t do more

The Dam Charity: Sorry, I Can’t Do More

Recently, the age-old issue of the construction of dams took the limelight once again, as Pakistan ranked third among countries
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Mulk unmasks terrorist attacks and Muslims in India, but can it do justice?

Mulk Unmasks Terrorist Attacks And Muslims In India, But Can It Do Justice?

The trailer shows a Muslim family whose son is a suspect in a terrorist attack, which leads to the entire family being persecute
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When Pakistan’s political drama overshadowed its tragedy, again

When Pakistan’s Political Drama Overshadowed Its Tragedy, Again

Nawaz and daughter Maryam Nawaz both arrived in Lahore at around 8:48pm last night, and videos from fellow passengers were being
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Political parties are promising jobs in their manifestos but snub education – how does that work?

Political Parties Are Promising Jobs In Their Manifestos But Snub Education – How Does That Work?

The definition of an educated person in Pakistan is someone who can read and write their name, irrespective of the language it i
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India’s awakening: The end of Article 377 and the last shred of colonialism

India’s Awakening: The End Of Article 377 And The Last Shred Of Colonialism

The British, who created this law based on their values of that time, have now adopted much more liberal and progressive outlook
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With Anil-Aishwarya sharing the screen after 18 years, Fanney Khan seems simple yet unique

With Anil-Aishwarya Sharing The Screen After 18 Years, Fanney Khan Seems Simple Yet Unique

With such an exciting and quirky announcement, the trailer of debutant director Atul Manjrekar’s much awaited film Fanney Khan
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Sicario: Day of the Soldado might be trash, but it’s an incredibly stylish trash

Sicario: Day Of The Soldado Might Be Trash, But It’s An Incredibly Stylish Trash

But some sequels have it worse than the rest. Case in point: when you are up against one of the best director-cinematographer du
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