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Mohammed bin Salman is breaking the chains of a ‘regressive’ society – will the rest of the Muslim world follow?

Mohammed Bin Salman Is Breaking The Chains Of A ‘regressive’ Society – Will The Rest Of The Muslim World Follow?

According to him, the unisectarian implementation of Shariah in Saudi Arabia since 1979 is to blame for what the country has bec
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With grandeur that leaves audiences a teary mess, has Sanjay Leela Bhansali replaced Shakespeare as the king of tragic romance?

With Grandeur That Leaves Audiences A Teary Mess, Has Sanjay Leela Bhansali Replaced Shakespeare As The King Of Tragic Romance?

From being an assistant director to the crafty Vidhu Vinod Chopra, to his debut directorial flop; from successfully taking risks
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Women empowerment in rural Balochistan: Applause is louder and real when men and women clap together as equals

Women Empowerment In Rural Balochistan: Applause Is Louder And Real When Men And Women Clap Together As Equals

Such a high rate of female participation in these meetings was a shock, to say the least, particularly given the conservative na
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In the name of female gender glorification, ‘Annihilation’ presents illogical garbage disguised as sci-fi

In The Name Of Female Gender Glorification, ‘Annihilation’ Presents Illogical Garbage Disguised As Sci-fi

It is perfectly justified when studios are roasted for absurd whitewashing practices. However, all this racial and gender divers
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From bhaiya to saiyaan: The dangers of cousin marriages

From Bhaiya To Saiyaan: The Dangers Of Cousin Marriages

The storyline was repetitive and regressive but I stuck around for a few more episodes, and I am grateful that I did, because th
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Today’s India presents a very sorry figure as it stands in isolation

Today’s India Presents A Very Sorry Figure As It Stands In Isolation

This would not last long. Four years down the line, this policy remains a great non-starter – just more empty rhetoric from a
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My Pure Land: One of the finest independent films of Pakistan, yet forbidden in its own country

My Pure Land: One Of The Finest Independent Films Of Pakistan, Yet Forbidden In Its Own Country

This is why Sarmad Masud’s venture, titled My Pure Land, which showcases the story of Nazo Dharejo, came as such a surprise to
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Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ transports you to the 24th century, where death is no longer the ultimate truth

Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Transports You To The 24th Century, Where Death Is No Longer The Ultimate Truth

Technological advancements in such a society are at their peak, along with the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. On
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As PSL comes home and the stakes run high, who will join Islamabad United in the final?

As PSL Comes Home And The Stakes Run High, Who Will Join Islamabad United In The Final?

There are no doubts about the excitement level of the feverish fans in Pakistan, presenting the picture of a nation which can pu
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‘The Grinch’ is proof that Hollywood has officially run out of original ideas

‘The Grinch’ Is Proof That Hollywood Has Officially Run Out Of Original Ideas

Now, Illumination Entertainment has created a big screen animated adventure inspired by the Christmas tale. Directed by Yarrow C
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We as a people don’t deserve luxuries like Careem and Uber

We As A People Don’t Deserve Luxuries Like Careem And Uber

More often than not, I’d order a Careem, only to have the riders call me back to confirm where I’d be going, always with a h
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What will it take for Karachi’s 20 million citizens to feel safe?

What Will It Take For Karachi’s 20 Million Citizens To Feel Safe?

The following are factors acting as an obstruction in providing relief to the people of Karachi: 1. Lack of training, equipmen
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For a nation obsessed with fair and lovely, are we really surprised at #Blackface?

For A Nation Obsessed With Fair And Lovely, Are We Really Surprised At #Blackface? As I came across pictures of the models, with their faces transformed to dramatical
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Will Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un finally take their thumbs off the nuclear button?

Will Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Finally Take Their Thumbs Off The Nuclear Button?

That being said, it must be asked, what is behind Trump’s intention of meeting with Kim, and why now, at this particular junct
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Will Sadiq Sanjrani’s appointment as Senate chairman help Balochistan in any way?

Will Sadiq Sanjrani’s Appointment As Senate Chairman Help Balochistan In Any Way?

Nevertheless, while such problems are a fact of life for the majority of the people of Balochistan, our mainstream media have ne
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