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#KarachivsLahore: Three reasons why Karachi is not ready to host international cricket

#KarachivsLahore: Three Reasons Why Karachi Is Not Ready To Host International Cricket

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Pakistani cricketers pose for a photograph with trophy after winning the third and
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When did I become your favourite punching bag?

When Did I Become Your Favourite Punching Bag?

Sitting at my bedside questioning my life and sanity, wondering what path I took that brought me here. A path I question but ver
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‘Simran’ is to Kangana Ranaut what ‘Dabangg’ is to Salman Khan – clichéd, boring and weak

‘Simran’ Is To Kangana Ranaut What ‘Dabangg’ Is To Salman Khan – Clichéd, Boring And Weak

With movies such as Chhal, Shahid, Citylights, and Aligarh, he has proved his mettle and made his place in a certain kind o
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Why is Autism considered taboo or a byproduct of supernatural forces in Pakistan?

Why Is Autism Considered Taboo Or A Byproduct Of Supernatural Forces In Pakistan?

This year, during my trip to Pakistan, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful middle-class Pakistani family. On the outside
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Ahmed Shehzad needs to learn to play for the Pakistan cricket team, not for himself

Ahmed Shehzad Needs To Learn To Play For The Pakistan Cricket Team, Not For Himself

Shehzad managed to make a score of 89 off 55 balls in the final T20 match, therefore it may seem criminal to criticise him at t
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The freedom to make or amend constitutional laws is Pakistan’s fundamental flaw

The Freedom To Make Or Amend Constitutional Laws Is Pakistan’s Fundamental Flaw

Constitutionally, Abbasi is correct, as Article 239 titled ‘Constitutional Amendment Bill’ states the following in clause
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Lucknow Central: Jailhouse rock or jailhouse schlock?

Lucknow Central: Jailhouse Rock Or Jailhouse Schlock?

Choose your projects and characters wisely and patiently, and you might just be able to carve a niche out for yourself. Farhan Ak
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Is the NA-120 by-election a preview of PTI’s prospects in the upcoming 2018 elections?

Is The NA-120 By-election A Preview Of PTI’s Prospects In The Upcoming 2018 Elections?

Although I have been following elections for decades now, I don’t recall any election of an individual seat in which the stake
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‘It’ is a twisted, terrifying and an intense piece of work

‘It’ Is A Twisted, Terrifying And An Intense Piece Of Work The title character, Pennywise, is a dancing clown who happens to actually be a macabre and malevo
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He flashed his private parts at her and told her that raping her would please him – no big deal, right?

He Flashed His Private Parts At Her And Told Her That Raping Her Would Please Him – No Big Deal, Right?

As I watched the video, I realised that the car looked oddly familiar, and then I realised that the girl was in fact my own sist
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Schools in India have become less about education and more about survival

Schools In India Have Become Less About Education And More About Survival

The police say a school bus conductor has admitted to killing the child. In a gruesome CCTV footage, the child can be seen crawl
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Kangana Ranaut will have none of this sexism nonsense, making her the real MVP of Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut Will Have None Of This Sexism Nonsense, Making Her The Real MVP Of Bollywood

Men are free to be many things while women have to fit into predefined boxes. You can be the girl next door, the femme fatale, t
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For Muslims in Pakistan, providing food for guests at funerals is a cultural obligation, not an Islamic one

For Muslims In Pakistan, Providing Food For Guests At Funerals Is A Cultural Obligation, Not An Islamic One

When she came back home and discussed this with me, we both concluded that the idea of providing food for the guests at funerals
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A father, a daughter, and the tug of being in three places at once

A Father, A Daughter, And The Tug Of Being In Three Places At Once

It was one evening back in 1995, the time on my watch had stopped at 7:35pm. It was a Tuesday, February 28th, to be exact. That
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If Aung San Suu Kyi fails to act, she will go down in history as an unworthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

If Aung San Suu Kyi Fails To Act, She Will Go Down In History As An Unworthy Recipient Of The Nobel Peace Prize In the 1990 general election, Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy
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