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Made in Heaven shows modern India a mirror, and it’s beautiful, warts and all

Made In Heaven Shows Modern India A Mirror, And It’s Beautiful, Warts And All

Indian cinema has been a window to contemporary India for a while now. It has produced some quality work but has also contribute
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#JusticeForFarishta is proof we did nothing after demanding #JusticeForZainab

#JusticeForFarishta Is Proof We Did Nothing After Demanding #JusticeForZainab

On May 20th, police recovered the body of 10-year-old Farishta, who had been abducted, allegedly raped and then brutally murdere
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Is war between the US and Iran imminent?

Is War Between The US And Iran Imminent?

From the very end of World War II, the US has tried to dominate the world’s political discourse and has dictated policies to e
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Chill out, PTI! It was just an iftar

Chill Out, PTI! It Was Just An Iftar

Maryam Nawaz led the PML-N delegation which Hamza Shehbaz was a part of, proving Maryam has finally taken the lead role while Ha
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Game of Thrones: From great and glorious to passable and forgettable

Game Of Thrones: From Great And Glorious To Passable And Forgettable

Game of Thrones is not just another TV show but a global phenomenon, and with millions of people watching throughout the world,
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Wahab Riaz selected for World Cup squad – but is that a wise decision?

Wahab Riaz Selected For World Cup Squad – But Is That A Wise Decision?

Bearing in mind Riaz’s track record, he is a gamble. If he plays well, great. And if he doesn’t, we’re doomed. Does he bow
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David and Dan didn’t ruin Game of Thrones – the internet did

David And Dan Didn’t Ruin Game Of Thrones – The Internet Did

Ah, the internet. The subculture of culture itself. The voice the Mad King hears, the past that Bran has seen, the future that t
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Will she ever learn?

Will She Ever Learn?

The streets were deserted, no car or pedestrian in sight. It almost seemed like it was midnight rather than twilight. As the las
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We thought Big Little Lies couldn’t get any better! Enters Meryl Streep for season 2

We Thought Big Little Lies Couldn’t Get Any Better! Enters Meryl Streep For Season 2

Meryl Streep has joined the star-studded ensemble that already features Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe
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Why selecting Mohammad Amir and Asif Ali for the World Cup is the right move

Why Selecting Mohammad Amir And Asif Ali For The World Cup Is The Right Move

The recent report that Mohammad Amir and Asif Ali are set to be included in Pakistan’s World Cup squad has thrown these predic
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What happened to the Bitcoin hype, and why it’s time to invest in it

What Happened To The Bitcoin Hype, And Why It’s Time To Invest In It

Fast forward to the present, the hype seems to have vanished and Bitcoin is rarely the centre of discussion now. Back then, Bit
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Stunning and sinister, ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ will be no fairy tale

Stunning And Sinister, ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil’ Will Be No Fairy Tale

The prequel, which was a massive hit, retold the classic Sleeping Beauty story from the antagonist’s perspective, where the da
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Pakistan’s wildlife: Going, going, gone!

Pakistan’s Wildlife: Going, Going, Gone!

Scientists have now rung the alarm bells that we humans are driving the sixth mass extinction on Earth. A new study brought out
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Horror that cuts deep: It Chapter Two promises a very scary and fitting end

Horror That Cuts Deep: It Chapter Two Promises A Very Scary And Fitting End

Like the second section of the famed Stephen King novel, It Chapter Two is also set 28 years after the events of the previous
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Can ‘Far From Home’ help fans move on from the trauma caused by Endgame?

Can ‘Far From Home’ Help Fans Move On From The Trauma Caused By Endgame?

*Spoiler alert: both the trailer and this article contain Endgame spoilers, so if you have not yet seen it, proceed with caution
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