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Dear Imran Khan, if you’re going to blame Najam Sethi for Pakistan’s defeats, then praise him for their wins also

Dear Imran Khan, If You’re Going To Blame Najam Sethi For Pakistan’s Defeats, Then Praise Him For Their Wins Also

Cricket is such a uniting force in Pakistan and for those brief moments, from Karachi to the mountainous area of Gilgit Balti
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Nawaz Sharif is now a billionaire and expects people to not question the source of his money inflow – if only, dear PM

Nawaz Sharif Is Now A Billionaire And Expects People To Not Question The Source Of His Money Inflow – If Only, Dear PM

For example, in 2011, the assets owned by Nawaz and Kulsoom Nawaz totalled to Rs166 million. According to the current report, t
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What if Snow White was a little healthier and the dwarves were less perverted?

What If Snow White Was A Little Healthier And The Dwarves Were Less Perverted?

“What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the seven dwarfs not so short?” What if the marketing team of the South Korea
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Why is my brown skin, unapologetically bearded face, and big backpack a threat to you?

Why Is My Brown Skin, Unapologetically Bearded Face, And Big Backpack A Threat To You?

I use the tube to commute every day, like the rest of you. I use it to get to school, exhibitions, friend’s places, parties, ju
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#PakvInd: With history, stats and rankings decked against us, can #TeamGreen keep the dream alive?

#PakvInd: With History, Stats And Rankings Decked Against Us, Can #TeamGreen Keep The Dream Alive?

Pakistan was a team that stumbled into the Champions Trophy at number eight with no hope of making it through to the semi-finals
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It is about time General Raheel Sharif recuses himself from the Saudi-led military alliance

It Is About Time General Raheel Sharif Recuses Himself From The Saudi-led Military Alliance

Similarly, when Operation ‘clean up’ started in Karachi, large sections of the Urdu speaking population applauded Genera
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Will Pakistan and India’s induction in the SCO help improve their bilateral relations?

Will Pakistan And India’s Induction In The SCO Help Improve Their Bilateral Relations?

After remaining an official observer for the past many years, Pakistan was recently officially inducted into the SCO as a full
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These cheesy chicken fajita stuffed buns and chicken Alfredo spaghetti rolls are the answer to your iftar prayers

These Cheesy Chicken Fajita Stuffed Buns And Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Rolls Are The Answer To Your Iftar Prayers

As the entire Muslim community welcomes Ramazan this summer, the temperatures have risen in the kitchens. From the preparatio
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Black Panther seems to be diversely epic and will fare better than Captain America

Black Panther Seems To Be Diversely Epic And Will Fare Better Than Captain America

Directed by Ryan Coogler and featuring a talented cast led by Chandwick Boseman as the titular character, the film follows Bos
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Islamabad’s food is terrible, and posh restaurants cannot fix that

Islamabad’s Food Is Terrible, And Posh Restaurants Cannot Fix That

We are all aware of our guests from Lahore, our undisputed food capital, being notoriously hard to impress with nearly any kin
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Why Taimoor Raza’s death sentence does not come as a surprise in Pakistan

Why Taimoor Raza’s Death Sentence Does Not Come As A Surprise In Pakistan

For years now, activists, politicians, and journalists have bemoaned the many ways that Pakistan’s antiquated blasphemy laws
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Virat Kohli chose ethics over business and we couldn’t be prouder!

Virat Kohli Chose Ethics Over Business And We Couldn’t Be Prouder!

He is currently ranked number one in T20 cricket and holds an impressive ranking in other formats of cricket too. Currently, h
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Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing political messiah, has well and truly arrived. And he makes jam!

Jeremy Corbyn, The Left-wing Political Messiah, Has Well And Truly Arrived. And He Makes Jam!

So said the press, so said the pundits, so said the Tories, and even the Labour establishment. Yet, they were all wrong, for th
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Do Pakistani female legislators actually represent women or merely serve as “proxies” for the wealthy and elite?

Do Pakistani Female Legislators Actually Represent Women Or Merely Serve As “proxies” For The Wealthy And Elite?

A general perception ascribed to women in South Asian politics is that they belong to higher social strata and certain political
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Brilliant badmashi: How Nehal Hashmi got away with retracting his resignation

Brilliant Badmashi: How Nehal Hashmi Got Away With Retracting His Resignation

These were the ominous words of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leader and future candidate for villain in a Bond movi
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