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Why Batti Gul Meter Chalu should have stayed in the dark

Why Batti Gul Meter Chalu Should Have Stayed In The Dark

After the success of the eye-opener flick Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, Direcetor Shree Narayan Singh is back with another subject-
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The endless fascination of a window

The Endless Fascination Of A Window

Many adventures have started with a gaze, a deep alley, a train station, or an intriguing stranger. We all share the secret hope
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The House with a Clock in its Walls promises a magical experience for the whole family

The House With A Clock In Its Walls Promises A Magical Experience For The Whole Family

The film The House with a Clock in its Walls aims to get it right. Based on the 1973 book by John Bellairs, The House with a C
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Nation uniform curriculum: Are we compromising equity for equality?

Nation Uniform Curriculum: Are We Compromising Equity For Equality?

This may sound utopian to many, but can we start celebrating yet? Let’s unearth this thought by taking a glance at the omnipr
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Can PTI’s mini-budget get the economy out of the ICU and into the ‘recovery room’?

Can PTI’s Mini-budget Get The Economy Out Of The ICU And Into The ‘recovery Room’?

Before the official mini-budget announcement, many people were criticising the government for its decision to raise gas prices a
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In conversation with the multifaceted Ali Zafar: “There is no better service than a Pakistani working in India the right way”

In Conversation With The Multifaceted Ali Zafar: “There Is No Better Service Than A Pakistani Working In India The Right Way”

In an exclusive interview, I learnt about Zafar’s current projects, Bollywood and marriage. You started singing at a very y
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Young at heart: Badhaai Ho hilariously tackles old-age pregnancy and intimacy

Young At Heart: Badhaai Ho Hilariously Tackles Old-age Pregnancy And Intimacy

First off, I would like to establish that this is by far the most hilarious trailer I have watched this year. The trailer begins
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Stepping into the void: A magical journey to the picturesque Swiss and French Alps

Stepping Into The Void: A Magical Journey To The Picturesque Swiss And French Alps

I started my European journey from Chur, reportedly the oldest town in Switzerland, and made my way to the Glacier Express, du
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Siksa Valley: Turning Gilgit-Baltistan’s barren lands into green miracles

Siksa Valley: Turning Gilgit-Baltistan’s Barren Lands Into Green Miracles

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] The Khaplu Fort Palace Hotel[/caption] Hence, I was excited to actually drive pas
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Thrilling and gory, The Predator delivers what it promised

Thrilling And Gory, The Predator Delivers What It Promised

Titled The Predator, this latest addition to the sci-fi series might not scare you, but is definitely worth your time. https://
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The billion dollar question: Why Pakistanis fall for fake news so easily

The Billion Dollar Question: Why Pakistanis Fall For Fake News So Easily

Anything floats the boat in Pakistan, as long as you make the news sound somewhat real to a common man. A good example of this i
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The silence that kills us

The Silence That Kills Us

It isn’t the sharp scents of sweat which disgust us, It isn’t the crowd which suffocates us, In fact, it isn’t the noise
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I wanted to be a doctor my whole life but ended up doing BBA, and life changed

I Wanted To Be A Doctor My Whole Life But Ended Up Doing BBA, And Life Changed

Working hard had become both a passion and a liability to achieve what I always wanted to do. But last year, when the time for a
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Addiction killed Mac Miller, and it wasn’t Ariana Grande’s ‘job’ to save him

Addiction Killed Mac Miller, And It Wasn’t Ariana Grande’s ‘job’ To Save Him

Mac Miller’s death, caused due to an apparent overdose, came as a shock to many. Working as an entertainment journalist, the a
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Is reformation of Pakistan’s civil service another empty promise?

Is Reformation Of Pakistan’s Civil Service Another Empty Promise?

Some eight months ago, when one of the members of the interview panel constituted to select the most suitable candidates for the
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