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You killed her… the strong, independent woman and her voice along with it

You Killed Her… The Strong, Independent Woman And Her Voice Along With It

There are girls out there who think they are the moral police of our society. They are the ones that pick and choose when they
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Is there a leadership failure in the Indian Army?

Is There A Leadership Failure In The Indian Army?

This has been linked to reports that the Indian army has over 100 stress-related suicides per year due to junior leadership
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30 years of pop and patriotism: How ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ became Pakistan’s unofficial national anthem

30 Years Of Pop And Patriotism: How ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ Became Pakistan’s Unofficial National Anthem

Mansoor was teaching at the PTV Academy when one of his students, Rana Kanwal, drew his attention towards a pop band that had
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The slain officers of the Lahore blast deserve a better brand of respect than the medal of martyrdom we pin on them

The Slain Officers Of The Lahore Blast Deserve A Better Brand Of Respect Than The Medal Of Martyrdom We Pin On Them

Are these wounds of servitude? Have they finally bled? Your gun lies unarmed by you… But the enemy has fled, Inspector o insp
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The age of Woods is over: There is no shame in throwing in the towel when nature and health are your opponents

The Age Of Woods Is Over: There Is No Shame In Throwing In The Towel When Nature And Health Are Your Opponents

It would not be incorrect to say that one of golf’s most successful and loved players, Tiger Woods, has not been performing
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Shehbaz Sharif can buy himself a helicopter, but it’s too costly to provide adequate medical facilities in Punjab?

Shehbaz Sharif Can Buy Himself A Helicopter, But It’s Too Costly To Provide Adequate Medical Facilities In Punjab?

For instance, Army helicopters had to be called in for transporting the burn victims to the hospital since the rescue services
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Game of Thrones S07-E02 was a visual spectacle, proving that this season is on steroids

Game Of Thrones S07-E02 Was A Visual Spectacle, Proving That This Season Is On Steroids

But as I pointed out in my previous review of the season seven premiere, GoT is equipped with a turbocharger and things are e
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Why Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is the war film the world needs today

Why Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Is The War Film The World Needs Today The war in Dunkirk, comprising of terse battles from the sky, land and water, is i
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Sean Spicer may just be the first in the long list of those quitting on Donald Trump

Sean Spicer May Just Be The First In The Long List Of Those Quitting On Donald Trump

As if Donald Trump’s New York Times interview earlier in the week was not enough to create a furor, the appointment of An
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Dear sexist men, your privileged gender is not an outcome of your “biological” qualities, but of social conditioning

Dear Sexist Men, Your Privileged Gender Is Not An Outcome Of Your “biological” Qualities, But Of Social Conditioning

For me, these individuals are heroes and, in fact, trailblazers as they have challenged socially constructed stereotypes. These
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England is home to international cricket, despite terror attacks, but Pakistan isn’t?

England Is Home To International Cricket, Despite Terror Attacks, But Pakistan Isn’t?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Mohammad Amir will be one of Pakistan’s bowling mainstays in the ICC Champions T
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Anti-honour killing and acid attacks bills: More laws to be buried in the graveyard of good intentions?

Anti-honour Killing And Acid Attacks Bills: More Laws To Be Buried In The Graveyard Of Good Intentions?

The laws are adequately severe with stipulations such as no blood money is allowed to be granted, acid attacks are unbailable
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You should expect nothing

You Should Expect Nothing

, There are days of wonder and freight, There are days of worry, insecurity — Thoughts that you’ve been victimised. There ar
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Saudi Arabia, India or the US – who is conspiring against Nawaz Sharif and why?

Saudi Arabia, India Or The US – Who Is Conspiring Against Nawaz Sharif And Why?

A conspiracy that was hatched in collusion with the venal folks in the General Headquarters (GHQ), intending to downsize and eve
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Why NAB should be disbanded and replaced by an anti-corruption bench of the SC

Why NAB Should Be Disbanded And Replaced By An Anti-corruption Bench Of The SC

And it should not simply end with the conviction and disqualification of those who are on trial today. There are many like them
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