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Was it a djinn or genetics that was responsible for his strange behaviour?

Was It A Djinn Or Genetics That Was Responsible For His Strange Behaviour?

However, a recent incident provided a more realistic and holistic insight. About two years ago, my relative’s six-year-old son
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Dear misogynist from Parhlo, this is what Pakistani feminists want you to know

Dear Misogynist From Parhlo, This Is What Pakistani Feminists Want You To Know

Have you not heard of the damsel in distress? Have you not heard of the ‘Angel in the House’? I wouldn’t be surprised if y
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The Power Rangers is an utterly forgettable film

The Power Rangers Is An Utterly Forgettable Film Kids these days don’t know about the Power Rangers and the people who watched the
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Baby Driver – Revving it up with a ‘car chase musical’!

Baby Driver – Revving It Up With A ‘car Chase Musical’!

The trailer of this ‘car chase musical’ hit the ground with tires screeching just a couple of weeks ago and it has already g
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Bruno Fernandes committed murder, why is he being allowed to play football?

Bruno Fernandes Committed Murder, Why Is He Being Allowed To Play Football?

Having said that, when a professional footballer commits a crime, the blame does not only fall on his shoulders but also the sho
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Why didn’t the FBI disclose the Trump-Putin investigation pre-election?

Why Didn’t The FBI Disclose The Trump-Putin Investigation Pre-election?

. This is not a left-wing conspiracy against Trump. This is not even the fulsome fake news. This is all really real. On March 2
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Rabi Pirzada’s creepy version of ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ is torture to the ears and eyes

Rabi Pirzada’s Creepy Version Of ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ Is Torture To The Ears And Eyes

Indisputably, Khan’s most popular composition, Mere Rashke Qamar has drawn the attention of many artists throughout the year
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In Pakistan, men make decisions and women make dinner

In Pakistan, Men Make Decisions And Women Make Dinner

In this part of the world, however, we make a clear distinction. Gender inequality is far from over in the developed world but a
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Why is there a religion column in advertisements for sweepers anyway?

Why Is There A Religion Column In Advertisements For Sweepers Anyway?

One such advertisement went viral recently. But this time the advertisement stated that applicants for the job should be “Shia
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When pizza meets French toast, love transpires

When Pizza Meets French Toast, Love Transpires

I have already done a piece on pizza bread and one on French toast so today, I am going to be very creative and combine the two
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Why Turkey’s referendum is important

Why Turkey’s Referendum Is Important

Turkey was cited by Reza Aslan as an example to counter the criticism that in Muslim countries women are treated as second clas
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How is Roger Federer managing to pull off such Houdini acts?

How Is Roger Federer Managing To Pull Off Such Houdini Acts?

By getting one over his nemesis Rafael Nadal, Federer had vanquished the demons of falling at the final hurdle of major tourname
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Wedding bells

Wedding Bells

The sky was clear except for a few cotton-sized clouds congregating above us. She pointed at them as she spoke, “It’s going
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Will Wonder Woman turn things around for DC Comics?

Will Wonder Woman Turn Things Around For DC Comics?

Are you sick and tired of the male bravado being present on the big screens all around you? Feminists around the globe, rejoice!
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You think you’re cool because you smoke?

You Think You’re Cool Because You Smoke?

How appealing does that sound? Now imagine this: a skeleton lying on a death bed, frail and ferociously coughing, dying a slow
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