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Why there is no legitimate reason to repeal the 18th Amendment

Why There Is No Legitimate Reason To Repeal The 18th Amendment

Sitting in the Supreme Court’s courtroom on Thursday, January 3rd, I was able to witness the exchange between the Chief Justic
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Move over, Pixar! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has set new benchmarks for animated movies

Move Over, Pixar! Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Has Set New Benchmarks For Animated Movies The movie is a breath of fresh air among the vast sea of the same Pixar-esque anima
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Imran Khan has attended 6 out of 34 NA sessions, yet blames opposition for wasting taxpayers’ money

Imran Khan Has Attended 6 Out Of 34 NA Sessions, Yet Blames Opposition For Wasting Taxpayers’ Money

Another such statement came to the limelight through the prime minister’s recent tweet. On Monday, the opposition walked out o
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What does your cell phone cover say about you?

What Does Your Cell Phone Cover Say About You?

For humans, looking their best is nowadays far more important than how they think, act or what they accomplish. Similarly for ph
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To Baku and beyond: A melting pot of ancient history and modern architecture

To Baku And Beyond: A Melting Pot Of Ancient History And Modern Architecture

The architecture and food are inspired by the millennia of cultural influences from Romans, Mongols and Turks. Today, the city
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What Men Want: Can the gender-flipped remake surpass Mel Gibson’s mediocre original?

What Men Want: Can The Gender-flipped Remake Surpass Mel Gibson’s Mediocre Original?

Director Adam Shankman and co have taken the concept behind the Nancy Meyers film and flipped the gender to come up with – you
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Haiwan: When will our dramas stop misrepresenting rape and child abuse?

Haiwan: When Will Our Dramas Stop Misrepresenting Rape And Child Abuse?

Recently, the much-hyped drama serial Haiwan, that kicked off the trend of #MyChildMyResponsibility on social media, concluded o
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A patwari and youthia walk into a dhaba…

A Patwari And Youthia Walk Into A Dhaba…

It is deeply disconcerting to witness a similar attitude of swift stereotyping and disengagement in political discourse that occ
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Urdu Bazaar: “We have lavish shops for shoes but for books, we can’t even find space on a drain”

Urdu Bazaar: “We Have Lavish Shops For Shoes But For Books, We Can’t Even Find Space On A Drain”

Urdu Bazaar is one of the oldest book markets in the subcontinent and almost every Karachi dweller has some sort of memory asso
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He was a broken chapter in her favourite novel

He Was A Broken Chapter In Her Favourite Novel

Two days, 18 hours and seven minutes later, on an icy November morning, Mark lay in a coffin, dead as a doornail. It was a small
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Dear PEMRA, it is our society that is ‘indecent’; our dramas are merely a portrayal of it

Dear PEMRA, It Is Our Society That Is ‘indecent’; Our Dramas Are Merely A Portrayal Of It

Pakistan’s first official TV channel was launched in 1964, and we soon saw the rise of our drama industry with classic plays l
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With not much to offer, ‘Gumm’ sure knows how to lose its audience

With Not Much To Offer, ‘Gumm’ Sure Knows How To Lose Its Audience Gumm stars Sami Khan, Shameen Khan and Shamoon Abbasi in the lead roles. With a fre
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The US may withdraw its troops from Syria but the war is far from over

The US May Withdraw Its Troops From Syria But The War Is Far From Over

This declaration in turn shocked what has become a war-loving media that never once questioned America’s military presence i
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Remembering Ibne Insha: The man who wanted ordinary people to bring a revolution

Remembering Ibne Insha: The Man Who Wanted Ordinary People To Bring A Revolution

Even before Insha was struck by the disastrous Arab defeat to Israel in 1967, he travelled the Middle East. Whatever tragedy he
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Why giving G-B a provincial status is as laudable as it is controversial

Why Giving G-B A Provincial Status Is As Laudable As It Is Controversial

Soon after this momentous decision, the people of Gilgit Baltistan (G-B), sensing how they had been neglected since the inceptio
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