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After Get Out, Us proves to be much more than just a gripping horror movie

After Get Out, Us Proves To Be Much More Than Just A Gripping Horror Movie Lupita Nyong’o stars as Adelaide Wilson. Accompanied by her husband Gabe (Winston
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When will people like Khateeb stop using a peaceful religion as a tool for violence?

When Will People Like Khateeb Stop Using A Peaceful Religion As A Tool For Violence? But perhaps even scarier were the comments that I saw on social 
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Laal Kabootar is a strong, well-made film but fails at being a trendsetter

Laal Kabootar Is A Strong, Well-made Film But Fails At Being A Trendsetter In order for cinema to grow, all kinds of audiences have to start coming to the the
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Don’t invite child abuse victims if you can’t be sensitive or respectful towards them, HRPC

Don’t Invite Child Abuse Victims If You Can’t Be Sensitive Or Respectful Towards Them, HRPC

On paper, the conference was supposed to provide a platform for change and awareness for the public on child sexual abuse. The p
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Because extremists don’t criticise extremists

Because Extremists Don’t Criticise Extremists

Before anyone decides to deride my tongue-in-cheek critique of human emotions, I do wish to categorically state that our emotion
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In between the waves

In Between The Waves

“Sure, Baba. Have a safe journey.” She said after tucking him into the window seat. ‘Seat #2’ it said in black. She was
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Why the time to invest in Pakistan is now

Why The Time To Invest In Pakistan Is Now

Historically speaking, every time our stock market experienced a downturn, it bounced back with more power. Even though the down
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Can Late Night’s stellar cast save the film from an otherwise uninspired script?

Can Late Night’s Stellar Cast Save The Film From An Otherwise Uninspired Script?

The comedy drama tells the story of a talk show host, portrayed by the ever-terrific Emma Thompson, who is “a little old and a
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Questioning Obama and Trump’s policies, Ilhan Omar is bringing accountability to America’s doorstep

Questioning Obama And Trump’s Policies, Ilhan Omar Is Bringing Accountability To America’s Doorstep

What’s more, Omar’s position in the House Foreign Affairs Committee has propelled her to engage in difficult debates that do
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Sherdil can talk the patriotic talk but doesn’t know where or how to walk

Sherdil Can Talk The Patriotic Talk But Doesn’t Know Where Or How To Walk

The most recent release in this genre is Sherdil, which has been in the limelight for a while now, mainly due to Pak-India tensi
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#SayNoToWar: Airstrikes, blackouts and bunkers – that was my childhood

#SayNoToWar: Airstrikes, Blackouts And Bunkers – That Was My Childhood

Words like anti-aircraft, missile, trenches and blackouts were some of the first ones I learned in the English vocabulary. I pla
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Mythbusting Peshawar: No longer a hotbed of drugs, AK-47s and terrorism

Mythbusting Peshawar: No Longer A Hotbed Of Drugs, AK-47s And Terrorism

There are various myths pertaining to Peshawar. Most people believe it to be a hotbed for terrorists and thus extremely unsafe
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The Art of Self-Defence: A diamond in the rough

The Art Of Self-Defence: A Diamond In The Rough

The upcoming film The Art of Self-Defence seems very much in the same wheelhouse. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg as a timid m
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Triple Frontier is a refreshing and authentic take on heist movies

Triple Frontier Is A Refreshing And Authentic Take On Heist Movies

In 2017, Netflix finally bought the rights to the movie and got the ball rolling.
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The intolerance behind #BoycottCareem and #BoycottSurfExcelIndia

The Intolerance Behind #BoycottCareem And #BoycottSurfExcelIndia

Feminists have no sense of humour, a common grievance many have against people who are sensitive to sexist jokes, not realising
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