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How India and Pakistan are afflicted by the same madness of religious vigilantism

How India And Pakistan Are Afflicted By The Same Madness Of Religious Vigilantism

This sense of outrage has led to the phenomenon of religious vigilantism. Yet, it seems that this malaise, which was once a rare
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13 Reasons Why: Hannah lives and dies in all of us

13 Reasons Why: Hannah Lives And Dies In All Of Us

Hannah’s muffled groans eventually die down; so does her body as her life takes flight. And thus Hannah Baker dies at the age
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With no star power, Chalay Thay Saath is one bumpy ride

With No Star Power, Chalay Thay Saath Is One Bumpy Ride Zain (Osama Tahir) and Tania (Mansha Pasha), who are on the verge of separation, pl
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Of Halala marriages and the sexual exploitation of Muslim women

Of Halala Marriages And The Sexual Exploitation Of Muslim Women

These online services let women pay to marry strangers, consummate the marriage with them and then divorce them, after which t
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Dear Murad Ali Shah, why have you suddenly taken interest in the gas situation now?

Dear Murad Ali Shah, Why Have You Suddenly Taken Interest In The Gas Situation Now?

Are you serious, Mr Shah? Apart from the fact that your threat is entirely unconstitutional, and courts in the country can give
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The 126 innocent lives lost were mere collateral damage to them, nothing less and nothing more

The 126 Innocent Lives Lost Were Mere Collateral Damage To Them, Nothing Less And Nothing More

He felt sad to be leaving his village but the gory streets made it easier to do so. It didn’t look like his home anymore. It w
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Was Sonu Nigam merely stating what many in India already feel?

Was Sonu Nigam Merely Stating What Many In India Already Feel?

There are high levels of tolerance in this country and somehow everything gets accommodated. People adapt and adjust to the co
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Is Theresa May really thinking about what is best for the UK?

Is Theresa May Really Thinking About What Is Best For The UK?

May’s decision stems from her need to steer Britain through Brexit and to allow the British public to decide who they think is
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Benazir Bhutto International Airport: A nightmare that doesn’t end

Benazir Bhutto International Airport: A Nightmare That Doesn’t End

Are we dismayed? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. A hair-raising video has gone viral recently showing a woman passenger – a Nor
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Is Turkey transforming into a fundamentalist religious state?

Is Turkey Transforming Into A Fundamentalist Religious State?

In Turkey’s case, the referendum is another step in the process of the personalisation and enhancement of power which has been
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Ghost in the Shell: When filmmakers choose style over substance

Ghost In The Shell: When Filmmakers Choose Style Over Substance The westernised adaptation of the Japanese science-fiction manga classic finds huma
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Bidding farewell to the stalwart heroes of Pakistan Test cricket

Bidding Farewell To The Stalwart Heroes Of Pakistan Test Cricket

The series will provide both players an ideal opportunity to conclude their respective careers on a high note. Misbah has great
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Does ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ have what it takes to rejuvenate Pakistan’s film industry?

Does ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ Have What It Takes To Rejuvenate Pakistan’s Film Industry?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: Screenshot[/caption] There is, of course, no shortage of eye candy in Pun
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Naureen Laghari, Pakistan’s very own IS bride

Naureen Laghari, Pakistan’s Very Own IS Bride

Another case has surfaced that challenges our assumptions even more – that of a young medical student called Naureen Laghari.
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Dear Imran Khan, if you want justice for Mashal, then start with your councillor, Arif Mardan

Dear Imran Khan, If You Want Justice For Mashal, Then Start With Your Councillor, Arif Mardan So congratulations, Mr Imran, you knew that you would offend your co
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