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Why Pakistani universities need to offer more than just social sciences and BBA

Why Pakistani Universities Need To Offer More Than Just Social Sciences And BBA

. Many US, Canadian, UK and even Asian universities have hundreds of majors to offer to its undergraduate and graduate studen
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23 post-exam student reactions, explained through Disney

23 Post-exam Student Reactions, Explained Through Disney

Being a teacher myself, many varied reactions have come my way from my students and their friends – and some of which have com
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“Ami please, don’t speak to me in front of my friends”

“Ami Please, Don’t Speak To Me In Front Of My Friends”

All of us have our own beliefs based on the circumstances that we face, and it is these very beliefs that shape our reactions t
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Planning to study in France? You can’t if you wear long skirts

Planning To Study In France? You Can’t If You Wear Long Skirts

Due to this, France is facing a severe backlash against its so-called strict secular policy after the event took place. The just
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British on paper and not a Saudi, so am I a Pakistani?

British On Paper And Not A Saudi, So Am I A Pakistani?

My own birthplace was Saudi Arabia, a nation that has vociferously denied me any citizenship rights because I am not an indigeno
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Aao Parhao – A teacher can use all the help they can get

Aao Parhao – A Teacher Can Use All The Help They Can Get

Education entails all the different facets that are crucial to the mental and physical development of a person as a responsible
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Aao Parhao – The forever existing struggle for education

Aao Parhao – The Forever Existing Struggle For Education

Teaching is often considered a last resort by many, when they have tried their luck with everything else. And this, in turn, ref
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Why LUMS is Pakistan’s leading university

Why LUMS Is Pakistan’s Leading University

In fact, when my foreign friends ask me if moving to Germany was a cultural or academic shock, my answer has always been no. Bec
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University of Toronto – “It’s the dream man!”

University Of Toronto – “It’s The Dream Man!”

The tall apartments in the surroundings made them feel miniature, like two toys in a room filled with giant furniture. Beneath t
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Battered and silenced for standing up for education

Battered And Silenced For Standing Up For Education

“I decided to join my father after graduating, to help him run the only school in the village. The thing that brought me back w
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Injustice prevails at Aitchison College

Injustice Prevails At Aitchison College

“I do not like the number one thousand and seventy, so I’ll make every effort to bring that number down to only a thousand.”
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