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My patient refuses to undergo treatment for cancer

My Patient Refuses To Undergo Treatment For Cancer

Chief Complaint: Pains, high fevers, insecurity, depression and weight loss. History:  Pakistan is a 68-year-old patient, we
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Sexually abusing children in the name of sex education

Sexually Abusing Children In The Name Of Sex Education

Recently, a 50-year-old tutor in Lahore was arrested for sexually assaulting his pupils, and videotaping the crimes. He confes
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Rural India’s poor healthcare is a reflection of our economy

Rural India’s Poor Healthcare Is A Reflection Of Our Economy

India bears the load of roughly 17.5 % of the global population, one-fifth of the world’s share of all diseases, one-fourt
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Do we want to continue eating at unhygienic food outlets?

Do We Want To Continue Eating At Unhygienic Food Outlets?

The PFA might have been set up in 2011 by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to ensure that clean and hygienic food is made availab
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Healthy, simple and scrumptious, try this roasted lemon chicken in au jus

Healthy, Simple And Scrumptious, Try This Roasted Lemon Chicken In Au Jus

So let’s get on it, shall we? For starters, you will have to marinade the chicken. Ingredients: Lime juice - 50 ml
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Southpaw: When revenge is a dish best served cold

Southpaw: When Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

[embed width="620"][/embed] But is the same cycle of repetition going to grip a highl
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Mango yogurt: Mangoes and Ramazan, a match made in heaven

Mango Yogurt: Mangoes And Ramazan, A Match Made In Heaven

With June’s blistering heat around, one longs for things that are cold and refreshing while breaking the fast. This simple a
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Suffering from Asthma? Here is why inhalers should be your best friend!

Suffering From Asthma? Here Is Why Inhalers Should Be Your Best Friend!

Asthma has no permanent cure and the victims have to live with the disease for the rest of their lives. There are many suppositi
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Pakistanis’ love for the succulent kofta curry

Pakistanis’ Love For The Succulent Kofta Curry

The word ‘kofta’ is derived from the classical Persian verb kōftan which means ‘to beat’ or to mince. Hence the groun
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Five reasons why Karachi is better than Dubai

Five Reasons Why Karachi Is Better Than Dubai

Recently, I had the chance of visiting Karachi after a very long time and ended up enjoying it way more than Dubai. Turns out,
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Over 400 dead in Karachi and yet we have no plan of action

Over 400 Dead In Karachi And Yet We Have No Plan Of Action

But then again, when was the last time that we had a system in place for anything? Even in this recent tragedy, chaos ensued.
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This Ramazan, go from smoking 20 to 4 cigarettes per day

This Ramazan, Go From Smoking 20 To 4 Cigarettes Per Day

Those who smoke 25 cigarettes or more on a normal day, decrease the number of cigarettes to four or five a day during Ramazan.
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My nani’s achaar recipe – Pakistani-styled vegetable pickle

My Nani’s Achaar Recipe – Pakistani-styled Vegetable Pickle

In the early 80s, my nani- (maternal grandmother) prepared achaar (pickle), murabbay and chutneys at home ritualistically.
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World Environment Day: Are Pakistanis dirty or simply lazy?

World Environment Day: Are Pakistanis Dirty Or Simply Lazy?

And ironically, this view is not unique to one street; almost every street in all major areas of Pakistan has the same scene wel
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Swim in a warm pool of oozing chocolate with this decadent lava cake

Swim In A Warm Pool Of Oozing Chocolate With This Decadent Lava Cake

We always ended up ordering order two or three and would share it amongst the eight or nine of us. Although each person would o
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