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The hypocrisy of Muslim outrage in Pakistan

The Hypocrisy Of Muslim Outrage In Pakistan

Who is Naveed Rafique you ask? He is a 13-year-old boy from Jaranwala, Punjab. Naveed was a position holder in his previous c
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Why are we as Pakistanis okay with Ahmadis getting killed?

Why Are We As Pakistanis Okay With Ahmadis Getting Killed?

This follows the murder of an Ahmadi shopkeeper named Asad Shah in Glasgow last month, because he had allegedly ‘disrespected
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Our reliance on Maulvis has made religion a business

Our Reliance On Maulvis Has Made Religion A Business

Various measures had been taken to combat the likelihood of another attack. Security had been beefed up, children had been trai
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How I deal with Islamophobia in the US

How I Deal With Islamophobia In The US

Unfortunately, in this part of the world, those factors define how the news media provides coverage of the event. It was a nigh
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A curious Muslim boy’s love for Christmas in Karachi

A Curious Muslim Boy’s Love For Christmas In Karachi

And goodness, was that candy cane on the branches! I looked back at my father who smiled and quickly slipped a largish packag
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Can all Muslims act like the Muslim heroes of Mandera?

Can All Muslims Act Like The Muslim Heroes Of Mandera?

“Finally”, I said to myself, “Here’s something that shows that the Muslims still have some compassion left to do good and
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No maulana sahib, women are not “only fit to deliver children”

No Maulana Sahib, Women Are Not “only Fit To Deliver Children”

Theocracy provides a platform to patriarchal ideologies, be it tacitly or blatantly. People attach sentiments to matters which a
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Religion and abortions do not make a pretty mix

Religion And Abortions Do Not Make A Pretty Mix

It is a very serious offence amongst followers of the Catholic Church. In 2012, an Indian dentist, Savita Halappanavar living
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What a newly dated early Quran tells us about Islam

What A Newly Dated Early Quran Tells Us About Islam

But in academia, the history of this holy text is much more opaque. For researchers in Islamic studies, historical evidence dati
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Was #MakkahLive a PR stunt to appease Arabs and Muslims?

Was #MakkahLive A PR Stunt To Appease Arabs And Muslims?

Recently, Snapchat introduced a live story option which allows its users to post clips or images from a given location or event.
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The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned us of the ISIS

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Warned Us Of The ISIS

ISIS has demonstrated an unflinching determination to take out anyone who dares to disagree with it. Its members have slaughtere
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I felt safer in Iraq than I do in Pakistan

I Felt Safer In Iraq Than I Do In Pakistan

Pilgrims usually visit the shrines of Imam Ali (RA), Imam Hussain (RA), Imam Musa Kazim (RA), Imam Taqi–e–Jawad (RA), Imam A
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Why we need to read ‘After the Prophet’ amidst today’s Shia-Sunni divide

Why We Need To Read ‘After The Prophet’ Amidst Today’s Shia-Sunni Divide

Where did all of this animosity really stem from? The Sunnis have their version and the Shias have theirs. Lesley Hazleton
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“That crazy starving Muslim!” Why do Muslims fast, anyway?

“That Crazy Starving Muslim!” Why Do Muslims Fast, Anyway?

“Well, you crazy people can starve all you want!” On my way back home, I started thinking of how ‘crazy’ or ‘weird’ f
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Circumcision – a cultural norm or a religious duty?

Circumcision – A Cultural Norm Or A Religious Duty?

Should a four-year-old boy be circumcised if the parents have a different opinion on it? A recent case in Boca Raton, Flori
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