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The Jungle Book: justly hyped or just another lazy Hollywood money grab?

The Jungle Book: Justly Hyped Or Just Another Lazy Hollywood Money Grab?

Later on, Mowgli comes across colourful characters such as Bageera and Baloo. They protect him from the evil Bengali Tiger, Sher
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I’d rather watch a ceiling fan than Shah Rukh’s Fan!

I’d Rather Watch A Ceiling Fan Than Shah Rukh’s Fan!

Fortunately for SRK, these zany characters were counterbalanced by another sort of character that he so nauseatingly loved to re
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Do you joke about “looking like a maasi” or “acting like a bhangi”?

Do You Joke About “looking Like A Maasi” Or “acting Like A Bhangi”?

Back in college, I remember casually exclaiming, “maasi wali haalat hori hai” (I look like a maid) on my way to an exam, s
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These seven photographs vouch that Islamabad is the most beautiful city in Pakistan

These Seven Photographs Vouch That Islamabad Is The Most Beautiful City In Pakistan

Fortunately, being a resident of Islamabad, I do not have to go too far to photograph artistic creations of nature. Whether it
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Eddie the Eagle is not just another biopic

Eddie The Eagle Is Not Just Another Biopic

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Photo: IMDb[/caption] Despite wearing leg braces as a child, Eddie (Taron Egerto
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Is Tum Kon Piya on its way to becoming a house-hold favourite?

Is Tum Kon Piya On Its Way To Becoming A House-hold Favourite?

[fbvideo link=""][/fbvideo] Yasir Nawaz and Abdullah Kadwani
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Is it okay if someone doesn’t want to say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ in India?

Is It Okay If Someone Doesn’t Want To Say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ In India?

While these intellectual ideals are definitely worth pursuing, it is critical to factor in the harsh reality of human nature tha
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13 Hours: Better than the Transformers movies but still a pretty bad movie

13 Hours: Better Than The Transformers Movies But Still A Pretty Bad Movie

So hearing that Michael Bay directed a film about the tragic real life events of the September 11, 2012 attack on two US compoun
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The real (philosophical) meaning behind Taher Shah’s new single ‘Angel’

The Real (philosophical) Meaning Behind Taher Shah’s New Single ‘Angel’

Ever since his first single, emotionally dense and invoking intimacy through eye contact, we just could not get enough of his
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Tip of my tongue: Navigating the silences of being Chinese and female

Tip Of My Tongue: Navigating The Silences Of Being Chinese And Female

It’s not like my family talked about what it meant to assimilate into a new country. We didn’t talk about the immigration ex
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(Full review) The Hateful Eight: Even if it’s a flawed Tarantino film, it’s always worth a watch

(Full Review) The Hateful Eight: Even If It’s A Flawed Tarantino Film, It’s Always Worth A Watch

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: Publicity[/caption] With The Hateful Eight, Tarantino marks his second t
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Karachi will, for time and memoriam, be divided along lines of cast and ethnicity

Karachi Will, For Time And Memoriam, Be Divided Along Lines Of Cast And Ethnicity

She breathes with the quivering, ragged gasps of an invalid. She inhales mouthfuls of air contaminated by generations of ignoran
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Yes, adult colouring books do help

Yes, Adult Colouring Books Do Help

These stimuli would typically include, several of your acquaintances getting hitched, a friends enrollment at a decent universit
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The Big Short: A Wall Street mockumentary

The Big Short: A Wall Street Mockumentary

It starts off with the bombardment of finance related terminologies and people explaining the meaning of each term. The director
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And the Oscar goes to…

And The Oscar Goes To…

This year around all the nominations in the Best Picture category were decent in their own way, but a valid argument does arise;
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