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Saudi Arabia and Iran need to show the same level of political maturity as Pakistan

Saudi Arabia And Iran Need To Show The Same Level Of Political Maturity As Pakistan

Furthermore, this will embolden terror outfits such as ISIS, who will readily take advantage in the already febrile region. With
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The loving humanitarian efforts of an American in Pakistan

The Loving Humanitarian Efforts Of An American In Pakistan

I learnt about Todd Shea on Facebook several months ago when I was browsing through a list of ‘People you may know’. Pleasan
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Zulfiqar Mirza will not dominate the political scene in Sindh but he will dominate Zardari

Zulfiqar Mirza Will Not Dominate The Political Scene In Sindh But He Will Dominate Zardari

Those who know him closely since his student days will not disagree that Mirza was born with a rebellious spirit. The former hom
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Hina Rabbani Khar on Al Jazeera and the battle of media ethics

Hina Rabbani Khar On Al Jazeera And The Battle Of Media Ethics

Hasan, the host of ‘Head to Head’ posed some controversial yet intriguing questions at Khar, however, in the end, it all boi
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Is it game over for Imran Khan and PTI?

Is It Game Over For Imran Khan And PTI?

It received an overwhelming response from its supporters in various consistencies, which made it the second largest party after
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Will the PPP extend the Rangers’ tenure? It’s damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t

Will The PPP Extend The Rangers’ Tenure? It’s Damned If It Does And Damned If It Doesn’t

On the issue of the extension of the Rangers’ tenure, the Sindh government has stumbled from one parliamentary pillar to the n
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What do you mean I shouldn’t be allowed back in the US, Mr Trump? It is my home!

What Do You Mean I Shouldn’t Be Allowed Back In The US, Mr Trump? It Is My Home!

I grew up in one of the best towns in America – Moorestown, New Jersey. Surrounded by a loving, protective family and an amaz
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For some, West Pakistan may be home but East Pakistan will never be forgotten

For Some, West Pakistan May Be Home But East Pakistan Will Never Be Forgotten

My father only spent seven or eight years in East Pakistan before moving to West Pakistan during the war. Both, my great grandfa
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The Gulf States are defecating gold, but can’t offer relief to Syrian refugees?

The Gulf States Are Defecating Gold, But Can’t Offer Relief To Syrian Refugees?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="270"] Photo: Reuters[/caption] His name was Aylan Kurdi and according to CNN he w
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For PTI, it’s either ‘yes’ to by-elections or ‘bye’ to elections

For PTI, It’s Either ‘yes’ To By-elections Or ‘bye’ To Elections

Imran also demanded for the formation of a Judicial Commission (JC) to probe rigging in the GE 2013 on an overall basis. A JC wa
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The real politics behind India cancelling talks with Pakistan twice in a year

The Real Politics Behind India Cancelling Talks With Pakistan Twice In A Year

Narendra Modi initiated a mandate in 2014, but within one and half years, the sheen of his governance has started coming off. T
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Should the Gulf states be wary of the revolution tsunami coming their way?

Should The Gulf States Be Wary Of The Revolution Tsunami Coming Their Way?

Each day, growing unrest is visible through dissident activity, protests, strikes, and violence. Frustration and anger once re
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Dear Imran Sahib, don’t put an end to bhabi’s political aspirations

Dear Imran Sahib, Don’t Put An End To Bhabi’s Political Aspirations

After being bashed by your supporters over my last blog on Mrs Khan, I had decided to stay absolutely clear of the confusion t
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Iran nuclear deal is a battle between the US right-wing and President Obama

Iran Nuclear Deal Is A Battle Between The US Right-wing And President Obama

This prompted an Arab, an orthodox Jew and a Caucasian to congregate and help the poor soul. As for me, I just stood there, wond
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India’s nuclear program was aimed at China, not Pakistan

India’s Nuclear Program Was Aimed At China, Not Pakistan

Almost 68 years after this tragic yet inevitable scene of death, destruction and devastation, former Pakistani President Pervez
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