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Egypt’s Hollowed-Out Society

Egypt’s Hollowed-Out Society

As for Mr Bahgat, it is widely known that his investigative reporting has rattled the government. But the case against him has f
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My final goodbye to Mirpur, my ancestral home

My Final Goodbye To Mirpur, My Ancestral Home

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] They are buried in Mirpur, Kashmir, where I am able to trace my unbroken lineage f
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Why should a woman be shamed for being on her period?

Why Should A Woman Be Shamed For Being On Her Period?

As a woman, I admired the bravado of these students. Mainly because ever since we were kids, we’re told that since we are the
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A brainless hospital in Lahore hired a fake brain surgeon

A Brainless Hospital In Lahore Hired A Fake Brain Surgeon

One fine day, Professor Dr Rizwan Masood Butt, the head of the Neurosurgery Department, asked her routine questions during a med
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Poor little rich boy

Poor Little Rich Boy

Taseer’s delicate sensibilities were initially offended by the students’ small protest-art installation comprising of 25 san
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Targeting beyond China: They took my family into custody to intimidate me

Targeting Beyond China: They Took My Family Into Custody To Intimidate Me

As an exiled Chinese journalist living in Germany, I had written an article in mid-March for Deutsche Welle criticising the Chin
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Am I a qualified PhD if I paid someone else to write my thesis?

Am I A Qualified PhD If I Paid Someone Else To Write My Thesis?

PhD holding faculties exists in several universities, in big and small cities, where the incumbents can hardly even construct on
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What do our reactions to a 13-year-old’s false allegations of gang-rape say about us?

What Do Our Reactions To A 13-year-old’s False Allegations Of Gang-rape Say About Us?

Reports of the girl’s harrowing tale were shared across Russian social media and even made it to local television. They were m
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Series 2: “Checkmate” Part 6 Shhh… No one needs to know anything

Series 2: “Checkmate” Part 6 Shhh… No One Needs To Know Anything

Then Usman started hearing back from the colleges to which he had applied. As expected, he had been accepted into some of the ve
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Our national dress is the shalwar kameez, not the niqab

Our National Dress Is The Shalwar Kameez, Not The Niqab

Whenever I travel from Pakistan I feel a melancholy that slowly hums in my heart overseas until it reaches full tempo when I ret
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Bravo, Raheel Sharif for respecting the Constitution!

Bravo, Raheel Sharif For Respecting The Constitution!

But the way some people in the media and on Twitter have reacted, one would think the country will collapse if the good general
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CDA is vigilant about encroachment in slum areas, but won’t shut down big businesses?

CDA Is Vigilant About Encroachment In Slum Areas, But Won’t Shut Down Big Businesses?

The ARY news office is illegally operating in a residential area, violating Capital Development Authority (CDA) land use rules
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CPEC: Will the Baloch be victim to the Pakistani state’s deceitful tactics again?

CPEC: Will The Baloch Be Victim To The Pakistani State’s Deceitful Tactics Again?

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has once again brought Balochistan in the limelight amongst the media and politici
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What if your child was abducted by the ISIS?

What If Your Child Was Abducted By The ISIS?

She got on all fours and started crawling. She was careful to make no sound, just as she was taught. She winced slightly as her
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An Army Public School massacre game? Really Punjab IT board?

An Army Public School Massacre Game? Really Punjab IT Board?

No, no, I’m not joking. I swear, it’s true. It’s no longer available on Google Play store (Gosh! I wonder why?) but pe
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