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Mustang drives us through the two dimensional facade of patriarchy in Turkish culture

Mustang Drives Us Through The Two Dimensional Facade Of Patriarchy In Turkish Culture

The film takes place in a Turkish village and depicts the lives of five free-spirited young girls who are confined into a house
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How shrinking freedom of press in Turkey brought me closer to Pakistan

How Shrinking Freedom Of Press In Turkey Brought Me Closer To Pakistan

Planning was underway and we converted all the money we owned to dollars, except for Rs1000 each, in case of an emergency. Since
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Brussels Attacks: These attacks are a home grown problem

Brussels Attacks: These Attacks Are A Home Grown Problem

Let’s say somehow they overlooked the potential threat of a hotbed of extremism existing nearby due to some error, but were pr
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Series 4 Chandni Chowk Part 3 “We exist, though, don’t we?”

Series 4 Chandni Chowk Part 3 “We Exist, Though, Don’t We?”

“It’s sad, isn’t it?” the first woman says. She looks older than the other woman, taller, with crows’ feet around her e
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These delicious mini Oreo cheesecakes are magical: They disappear within seconds!

These Delicious Mini Oreo Cheesecakes Are Magical: They Disappear Within Seconds!

While this is not my standard mini cheesecake recipe with raspberry coulis, it is still quite good and much easier. Baking m
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Will Benjamin Netanyahu’s drama over Iran ever end?

Will Benjamin Netanyahu’s Drama Over Iran Ever End?

There is no right way to explain Bibi’s behaviour, but he is a typical opportunist, an attention seeker, a sensationalist –
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Grandma: A breath of (witty) fresh air

Grandma: A Breath Of (witty) Fresh Air

Grandma is short, sweet, funny and doesn’t waste too much time on exposition. It is also a comedy that does not make light of
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6 things Saudi Arabia and Iran have in common

6 Things Saudi Arabia And Iran Have In Common

Although Nimr al-Nimr was a Saudi national, Iran strongly condemned the execution. Later, a Saudi embassy in Tehran was vandalis
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What if the Holocaust and Palestinian genocide had not happened?

What If The Holocaust And Palestinian Genocide Had Not Happened?

The only man besides Hitler in a position to alter the course of history was Pope Pius XII of the Vatican, who chose not to utte
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So who should talk to the 20-somethings about contraception?

So Who Should Talk To The 20-somethings About Contraception?

But it seems the world may be in for a change in attitude. Young men, all over the world, are stepping up to take part in reprod
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Should you stretch before working out?

Should You Stretch Before Working Out?

In short, dynamic stretching is ‘stretching as you are moving’. When you sit down and hold your toes for 30 seconds it is a
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Creed: A heavyweight knockout

Creed: A Heavyweight Knockout

s legendary match with a boxer named Rocky Balboa. After realising the potential in Adonis, Rocky agrees to train him in the ways
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Sex and the Saudi

Sex And The Saudi

‘‘Hi, you look beautiful.’’ She thanked me, and I handed her a piece of paper with my number on it. ‘‘We should talk
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Why do you stare, Pakistan? Do women on wheels freak you out?

Why Do You Stare, Pakistan? Do Women On Wheels Freak You Out?

So it was no surprise that she was invited to Lahore, for the much-hyped Women on Wheels initiative by the Punjab Chief Minister
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Mommy: A whirlwind of emotion

Mommy: A Whirlwind Of Emotion

Anne Dorval plays the role of Diane Després, a widowed mother who now has to raise her troubled son Steve (Antoine Olivier Pilo
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