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Saif Ali Khan’s Baazaar may not be extraordinary but it surely is different

Saif Ali Khan’s Baazaar May Not Be Extraordinary But It Surely Is Different Rizwan (Rohan Mehra) is an educated and ambitious boy from Allahabad who comes to M
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Some Seoul searching: Paris, New York, Chicago have their charm but Seoul has my heart

Some Seoul Searching: Paris, New York, Chicago Have Their Charm But Seoul Has My Heart

This is why when I found out I’d be going to Seoul for a journalism conference, I was a little cautious. I did not know what t
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From zombies and ghosts to satan’s spawn and bone saws, these 10 cult classics will definitely spook you out this Halloween!

From Zombies And Ghosts To Satan’s Spawn And Bone Saws, These 10 Cult Classics Will Definitely Spook You Out This Halloween!

There’s trauma for those who truly seek it, but also something lighter in tone for those who prefer their horror mild. Withou
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The dark side of coal mining: We can walk in knowingly, but we never know if we’ll get to walk out

The Dark Side Of Coal Mining: We Can Walk In Knowingly, But We Never Know If We’ll Get To Walk Out

It was around 4pm when a massive blast rocked the coal mine and nearby areas, Khan and his four companions got trapped inside an
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Bullying 101: We don’t need more angry, aggressive boys – we have enough already

Bullying 101: We Don’t Need More Angry, Aggressive Boys – We Have Enough Already But it did not stop with that single video. A while later, another video of the sam
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They said I was a paedophile, a prostitute, sick in the head, all because I loved a younger man

They Said I Was A Paedophile, A Prostitute, Sick In The Head, All Because I Loved A Younger Man

I was also fully aware that my friend was mature and knew what she was doing. At no point in that conversation were the intentio
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Imran Khan as Prime Minister: Under pressure and enjoying it, while his opponents pray for a breakdown

Imran Khan As Prime Minister: Under Pressure And Enjoying It, While His Opponents Pray For A Breakdown

So much has changed. The prime minister is fond of such meetings with groups of journalists at his private residence. But it’
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In a sea of faces, she was the anomaly

In A Sea Of Faces, She Was The Anomaly

She started heading towards the crowded market. Such places troubled her, but it’s impossible to find a secluded vegetable mar
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Fictitious yet familiar, ‘Typically Tanya’ narrates life in Karachi and all its dramas

Fictitious Yet Familiar, ‘Typically Tanya’ Narrates Life In Karachi And All Its Dramas

Typically Tanya is the story about a young journalist named Tanya Shaukat who is trying to make sense of her work and at the sam
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Is America really better than this?

Is America Really Better Than This?

To many, Donald Trump has no shame. While people’s lives are being threatened because of his ridiculously divisive rhetoric,
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To squat or not to squat?

To Squat Or Not To Squat?

Although it had been a few years since my last visit to Karachi, this is a city that always pulls on my heartstrings, and after
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The “desperate” begging bowl is no longer metaphorical

The “desperate” Begging Bowl Is No Longer Metaphorical

Pakistan has remained trapped in the vicious cycle of taking short-term loans from international bodies for decades. Throughout
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If Neil Armstrong was your childhood hero, then ‘First Man’ is not the movie for you

If Neil Armstrong Was Your Childhood Hero, Then ‘First Man’ Is Not The Movie For You

Armstrong was a remarkable man, ideal for the space program in every aspect, from his qualifications and experience to his tempe
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Can winking and staring be considered criminal offences under Section 509 of the PPC?

Can Winking And Staring Be Considered Criminal Offences Under Section 509 Of The PPC?

However, the #MeToo movement contests this position. Legal remedy is not the only way, and certainly not the most effective. In
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From Allahabad to Prayagraj: Is India reclaiming its history?

From Allahabad To Prayagraj: Is India Reclaiming Its History?

The love to change names from the past continues after more than 70 long years of India’s independence, and it will most likel
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