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Why hypermasculinity is ruining the boys and men of today

Why Hypermasculinity Is Ruining The Boys And Men Of Today

As he matures in this world, I sometimes get the urge to protect him from the harsh aspects of reality. Realistically, this is i
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Why do most Pakistanis always favour the ‘wrong’ side of any issue?

Why Do Most Pakistanis Always Favour The ‘wrong’ Side Of Any Issue?

However, have you ever read about an issue and thought, “wow, this seems pretty black and white to me”? And then seen the re
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Will anyone remember Lady Constable Shabaana?

Will Anyone Remember Lady Constable Shabaana?

‘Ammi ke jahez ka hai ye… ab bhi purana na hota tou kab hota,’ she thought to herself, eyeing her 32-year-old face in the
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When a white “terrorist” is awarded a privilege 1.8 billion Muslims are denied

When A White “terrorist” Is Awarded A Privilege 1.8 Billion Muslims Are Denied

The first and probably most pivotal step in the fight against terrorism is to clearly define what constitutes as terror and who
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His name is Babar Azam, not Virat Kohli

His Name Is Babar Azam, Not Virat Kohli

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Babar Azam is pulled into an embrace by his captain after raising his sixth ODI ce
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She was forced to parade around naked, but instead of helping her, we photo’d her and shared it on social media

She Was Forced To Parade Around Naked, But Instead Of Helping Her, We Photo’d Her And Shared It On Social Media

While the news itself was both saddening and infuriating, it reiterated the bitter truth that in our country, women are still tr
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When I lost my father and society lost its empathy

When I Lost My Father And Society Lost Its Empathy

My father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in April this year. In a span of a few weeks, I watched my strong, independent, con
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How to get rich while saving billions in taxes in Pakistan

How To Get Rich While Saving Billions In Taxes In Pakistan

One way of doing this is what an enterprising importer did recently. In this case alone, the company must have cheated the go
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No, my ripped jeans do not allow you to believe that it is your right to harass and rape me

No, My Ripped Jeans Do Not Allow You To Believe That It Is Your Right To Harass And Rape Me

On November 3, 2017, Egyptian lawyer, Nabih al-Wahsh, stated that any woman wearing ripped jeans deserves to be harassed and rap
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With his stellar skills and “explosive” celebrations, Hasan Ali has shown the cricket world what Pakistan is capable of

With His Stellar Skills And “explosive” Celebrations, Hasan Ali Has Shown The Cricket World What Pakistan Is Capable Of

Keeping up with the tradition, Pakistan has given the cricket world another bowling sensation in the form of Hasan Ali. He is cu
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Chabahar: Without Pakistan, there is no stability or growth in landlocked Afghanistan and Af-Indo relations

Chabahar: Without Pakistan, There Is No Stability Or Growth In Landlocked Afghanistan And Af-Indo Relations

Today, South Asia resembles this pre-World War II era, with historical animosities defining the political wisdom of South Asia
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All it takes is one man’s belief

All It Takes Is One Man’s Belief

Lies a secret so deep. Lost in time, Buried under dirt, Who could have thought lay such a wonderful feat? Eons ago, When the land
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It’s 2017, why should I change my surname, my identity, after marriage?

It’s 2017, Why Should I Change My Surname, My Identity, After Marriage?

I often hear people ask the aforementioned question, to which my instant reaction is, “So why do women change it after marria
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Pakistan should become a secular state, but how realistic is that?

Pakistan Should Become A Secular State, But How Realistic Is That?

Moreover, it would delink the religion with legal code and therefore laws would start reflecting contemporary realities. In my o
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Is social media blurring the line of ethics between a doctor and a patient?

Is Social Media Blurring The Line Of Ethics Between A Doctor And A Patient?

Some commended her for taking up this issue, while others criticised her choice of words and for using her celebrity status for
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