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Venom’s teaser was empty and disappointing, but hope never dies when it’s Tom Hardy

Venom’s Teaser Was Empty And Disappointing, But Hope Never Dies When It’s Tom Hardy

After striking a deal with Marvel Studios regarding the future of the Spider-Man franchise, Sony has decided to kick start its
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NA-154 was a litmus test for PTI – perhaps Imran Khan should stop relying on patronage politics

NA-154 Was A Litmus Test For PTI – Perhaps Imran Khan Should Stop Relying On Patronage Politics

The trend of previous by-polls suggests that people typically prefer to vote for the ruling party. However, victory of a new can
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The Syrian conflict approaches its seventh year, but the inhumanity is endless

The Syrian Conflict Approaches Its Seventh Year, But The Inhumanity Is Endless

Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows that the war is over. Everybody knows that the good guys lost.”
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I am stationary, and Karachi is movement

I Am Stationary, And Karachi Is Movement

If I stared at the world around me, a few things would stare back. The clouds dancing in the iridescently blue sky, the sun shin
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By labelling Muslims as Pakistanis and their localities as mini-Pakistan, BJP is fracturing India’s social fabric

By Labelling Muslims As Pakistanis And Their Localities As Mini-Pakistan, BJP Is Fracturing India’s Social Fabric

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, poured scorn on the Congress party, blaming it
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Skyscraper seems similar to Die Hard and definitely worth every buck!

Skyscraper Seems Similar To Die Hard And Definitely Worth Every Buck!

Johnson doesn’t do much wrong – Baywatch being an obvious anomaly – when it comes to choosing films to star in. He has e
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#PashtunLongMarch: How many more Naqeebullahs have to die before we stop marginalising the Pashtun community?

#PashtunLongMarch: How Many More Naqeebullahs Have To Die Before We Stop Marginalising The Pashtun Community?

The participants of this long march, who are mostly from the tribal areas, are now calling for all cases of extrajudicial killin
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Why are Iranian women protesting against the hijab now?

Why Are Iranian Women Protesting Against The Hijab Now?

While the tide of feminism and many socialist organisations have washed part of the misogyny that exists in numerous societies,
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“Girls expose their bodies only when they don’t have beautiful faces”

“Girls Expose Their Bodies Only When They Don’t Have Beautiful Faces”

Around the same time, a biology teacher in the city of Raipur offered her students some twisted advice about being female, all
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How did Peshawar Zalmi become PSL’s biggest franchise?

How Did Peshawar Zalmi Become PSL’s Biggest Franchise?

Just like any other franchise-based competition, PSL thrives on the involvement of cricket fans, as the more fan following it ma
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Solo: A Star Wars Story looks exactly like the irrelevant yet entertaining space adventure it should be

Solo: A Star Wars Story Looks Exactly Like The Irrelevant Yet Entertaining Space Adventure It Should Be

This is why many fans were sceptical when Lucasfilm announced that the second film in the stand-alone series of Star Wars spin-o
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Is suo motu action the only way to get justice in a country like Pakistan?

Is Suo Motu Action The Only Way To Get Justice In A Country Like Pakistan?

The power to take suo motu action stems from Article 184(3) of the Constitution regarding original jurisdiction of the Supre
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A woman leading Friday prayers proves that without patriarchy, Islam can be a progressive religion

A Woman Leading Friday Prayers Proves That Without Patriarchy, Islam Can Be A Progressive Religion

Her decision to do so is remarkable, given the fact that she is in reality a religious and practicing Muslim who also works for
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Will a black president make America great again?

Will A Black President Make America Great Again?

No matter what one’s opinion on the possibility of Oprah 2020, it does bring several questions to mind. Would such a presidenc
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Can Ant-Man and the Wasp surpass its prequel, or will it be a case of one and the same?

Can Ant-Man And The Wasp Surpass Its Prequel, Or Will It Be A Case Of One And The Same?

Rudd, like he did in the prequel, has co-written the screenplay. Most of the cast has returned for the sequel with Walton Goggin
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