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Gullu Butt bakra, Raja the cow and our immature Pakistani media

Gullu Butt Bakra, Raja The Cow And Our Immature Pakistani Media

Days and nights are devoted in praising Him, whilst cutting oneself off from worldly desires and temptations. The end of this st
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Eidul Azha is nothing but a pool of blood

Eidul Azha Is Nothing But A Pool Of Blood

Different animals, ranging from cows and goats to camels, were seen almost everywhere, albeit on a street or a former empty, b
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This Eid, there was no spirit of sacrifice for me

This Eid, There Was No Spirit Of Sacrifice For Me

The street was soon swarming with kids of all ages and sizes, running towards something that seemed to possess a magnetic prowes
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When one starts questioning the rituals of Eidul Azha

When One Starts Questioning The Rituals Of Eidul Azha

The animals would be much less expensive, much more readily available, and the sense of community in sharing the meat would be
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Did Haider do justice to Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Did Haider Do Justice To Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

This time again, Bhardwaj, along with Basharat Peer (a Kashmiri journalist), has penned down an adaptation of Shakespeare’s mo
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I am a girl and I love going to the mandi

I Am A Girl And I Love Going To The Mandi

“It’s a guy thing”, they say. “What would you do in a mandi?” They ask. “Are you sure you want to spoil that dre
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This Eidul Azha, go Kheer a la mode!

This Eidul Azha, Go Kheer A La Mode!

Food aficionados like me are fascinated by the Mughals who brought their rich, aromatic food culture, and thereby refined cookin
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The brilliant minds of our insurgents

The Brilliant Minds Of Our Insurgents

A junior military officer, part of one such unit, reflected on a mission he had successfully carried out earlier in the day. Ref
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The Islamabad Pir-volution?

The Islamabad Pir-volution?

In a state of utter despondency, man just wants to believe, even if it’s in empty promises and false pledges. In our society,
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Dear US, before fixing the world, fix yourself!

Dear US, Before Fixing The World, Fix Yourself!

However, recent events, such as the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, happening within the US, have prompted many to ask a rathe
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#NaMaloomAfraad is a riot on its own!

#NaMaloomAfraad Is A Riot On Its Own!

[embed width="620"][/embed] Suffice to say, the consensus will be unanimously positive and endearing
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I see Gullus everywhere…

I See Gullus Everywhere…

The comment above summarises the general feedback I received on a meme I created, which went viral on Facebook last week. I hope t
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An older, scarier version of ‘tabdeeli’

An Older, Scarier Version Of ‘tabdeeli’

Perhaps some of the angry, cussing, hatred-filled insafians can enlighten me with their version on this. I’ve faced enough a
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Entry tests and inept professionals: Another nail in our education coffin

Entry Tests And Inept Professionals: Another Nail In Our Education Coffin

The policy to hold these tests was implemented a few years back, to check the competency level of students coming from different
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Life without a cellphone is…normal

Life Without A Cellphone Is…normal

Five days ago, after receiving a phone call, I saw that my phone’s battery was almost dead. That’s normal, right? Well, I ru
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