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As a Pakistani, I support Faisal Qureshi

As A Pakistani, I Support Faisal Qureshi

[embed width="620"][/embed] I haven’t seen Phantom and so I chose not to comment.
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Dear Faisal Qureshi, just stop the hypocrisy. Please.

Dear Faisal Qureshi, Just Stop The Hypocrisy. Please.

Let me start by saying that while I am a film critic whose reviews are published weekly in Pakistan, I rarely watch Bollywood
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Will Roger Federer be able to win his sixth US Open title?

Will Roger Federer Be Able To Win His Sixth US Open Title?

Thankfully, Federer swooped through the first set 6-3 and went up a break in the second. The game was as breezy as the reclaimed
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This Raksha Bandhan, do one thing for your sister – stop saying Bhench*d

This Raksha Bandhan, Do One Thing For Your Sister – Stop Saying Bhench*d

It’s that time of the year again where we get a chance to tell our sisters how much they mean to us. So, what are you gifting
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Why there is a dire need for Sindh Food Authority

Why There Is A Dire Need For Sindh Food Authority

We can’t blame the government for every wrong that is happening in our country. We ourselves don’t pay enough attention to t
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Does Islamabad really care about Balochistan?

Does Islamabad Really Care About Balochistan?

I’m a Baloch myself, and I speak from personal experience when I say – we have been alienated. Since the integration of Balo
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Mangalore, where a Muslim cannot interact with a Hindu

Mangalore, Where A Muslim Cannot Interact With A Hindu

The man was tied to an electrical pole, stripped naked, abused, and thrashed in public for the alleged ‘crime’ of interactin
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Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, a duet like none other

Mahela Jayawardene And Kumar Sangakkara, A Duet Like None Other

Elegant and graceful shorts were perhaps the only shorts in their books. From Jayawardene’s sublime inside out shot over cover
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For PTI, it’s either ‘yes’ to by-elections or ‘bye’ to elections

For PTI, It’s Either ‘yes’ To By-elections Or ‘bye’ To Elections

Imran also demanded for the formation of a Judicial Commission (JC) to probe rigging in the GE 2013 on an overall basis. A JC wa
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The abandoned garden

The Abandoned Garden

And he sat alone. He looked around, And thought back to the day, When he was new to the world and was making his way, When he
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Dear Humans Of Pakistan, don’t make up fake stories, please!

Dear Humans Of Pakistan, Don’t Make Up Fake Stories, Please!

As per Sarah’s narrative, her husband had left for a job offer abroad, two years after their marriage while she was expecting
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Five things that could make the Lux Style Awards 2015 actually fun!

Five Things That Could Make The Lux Style Awards 2015 Actually Fun!

I say that because during the 14 years of its existence, I can’t recall a single memorable dance performance or a tear-jerk
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Sexually abusing children in the name of sex education

Sexually Abusing Children In The Name Of Sex Education

Recently, a 50-year-old tutor in Lahore was arrested for sexually assaulting his pupils, and videotaping the crimes. He confes
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The real politics behind India cancelling talks with Pakistan twice in a year

The Real Politics Behind India Cancelling Talks With Pakistan Twice In A Year

Narendra Modi initiated a mandate in 2014, but within one and half years, the sheen of his governance has started coming off. T
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Virat Kohli versus Steven Smith, is the comparison even justified?

Virat Kohli Versus Steven Smith, Is The Comparison Even Justified?

But the real question is, does that justify a convincing contrast between the two? Statistics indicate a clear no. Allow me to t
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