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You don’t have to celebrate homosexuality, but please don’t be a homophobe

You Don’t Have To Celebrate Homosexuality, But Please Don’t Be A Homophobe

Nobody is requiring every single person in the world to celebrate pride but there is no reason to berate people doing so. You ar
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Move over Pakistan vs India, there’s a new rivalry in town

Move Over Pakistan Vs India, There’s A New Rivalry In Town

Asia will not always solely be about India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. A Champions Trophy spot is confirmed for Bangladesh and now
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Some of us cannot afford the hijab of today

Some Of Us Cannot Afford The Hijab Of Today

In the hormone-charged atmosphere of high schools, where girls dress quite revealingly, it takes conviction to cover your head w
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Pakistanis’ love for the succulent kofta curry

Pakistanis’ Love For The Succulent Kofta Curry

The word ‘kofta’ is derived from the classical Persian verb kōftan which means ‘to beat’ or to mince. Hence the groun
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Are we really going to blame India for the heatwave?

Are We Really Going To Blame India For The Heatwave?

It has also become the norm in the subcontinent to give public officials the opportunity to show just how mind-numbingly dumb
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My husband is gay – A difficult truth

My Husband Is Gay – A Difficult Truth

On her wedding night, *Hira found out that her new husband had a male partner. Her world came to a standstill. He told her not to
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A city within a city, the magical walled city of Lahore

A City Within A City, The Magical Walled City Of Lahore

This urge to visit Lahore has been there in my heart ever since and I go out on the streets to replenish it every now and th
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Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab

Punjab Is Pakistan And Pakistan Is Punjab

Every man with an empty head and fickle mind is trying to formulate his own creed and ideology. It is tantamount to saying, in t
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Why we need to read ‘After the Prophet’ amidst today’s Shia-Sunni divide

Why We Need To Read ‘After The Prophet’ Amidst Today’s Shia-Sunni Divide

Where did all of this animosity really stem from? The Sunnis have their version and the Shias have theirs. Lesley Hazleton
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What has Malala done for Pakistan?: 8 popular anti-Malala arguments answered

What Has Malala Done For Pakistan?: 8 Popular Anti-Malala Arguments Answered

[fbvideo link=""][/fbvideo] [embed width="620" height="348"]http://vime
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If Michelle Obama can do it, why not Reham Khan?

If Michelle Obama Can Do It, Why Not Reham Khan?

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama further strengthened her already strong ties with the community at large by supporting the
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Five reasons why Karachi is better than Dubai

Five Reasons Why Karachi Is Better Than Dubai

Recently, I had the chance of visiting Karachi after a very long time and ended up enjoying it way more than Dubai. Turns out,
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The sin of being a widow in this world

The Sin Of Being A Widow In This World

“Widows’ Day? Is there one?” But then, considering two things, Pakistan might not be the only country. Firstly, it was
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Over 400 dead in Karachi and yet we have no plan of action

Over 400 Dead In Karachi And Yet We Have No Plan Of Action

But then again, when was the last time that we had a system in place for anything? Even in this recent tragedy, chaos ensued.
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“That crazy starving Muslim!” Why do Muslims fast, anyway?

“That Crazy Starving Muslim!” Why Do Muslims Fast, Anyway?

“Well, you crazy people can starve all you want!” On my way back home, I started thinking of how ‘crazy’ or ‘weird’ f
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