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Dear Federer, why would you choose to #BleedBlue?

Dear Federer, Why Would You Choose To #BleedBlue?

You know, I’ve never picked up a tennis racket in my entire life. Nor had I watched much tennis until my mother made me wat
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What I saw at the Pakistan vs India match in Adelaide

What I Saw At The Pakistan Vs India Match In Adelaide

Picture the eve before Eid if you are a Muslim, Diwali if you are a Hindu or Christmas if you are a Christian, and multiply the
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Who will help the Christian slum dwellers in Islamabad now?

Who Will Help The Christian Slum Dwellers In Islamabad Now?

Nazia and her family are one of the 80,000 unfortunate slum inhabitants, living in Maskeen Colony Islamabad, one of the thirty
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Pakistan versus India: And the jinx continues…

Pakistan Versus India: And The Jinx Continues…

Sometimes it ends in player’s houses being attacked in India and sometimes it ends in brawls in Sydney. Regardless of the outc
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Roy is only a “tarka” of star power, nothing else

Roy Is Only A “tarka” Of Star Power, Nothing Else

What do you expect when you have a cast which includes a pure entertainer like Ranbir Kapoor, a dependable actor like Arjun Ramp
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Pakistan cricket’s comic side, explained in Pak-India matches

Pakistan Cricket’s Comic Side, Explained In Pak-India Matches

From 1951, since the first India-Pakistan Test match, much has been made of their rivalry in cricket. Australia Wallabies and Ne
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How the western media played its part in the #ChapelHillShooting

How The Western Media Played Its Part In The #ChapelHillShooting

Does it make you feel better when the tables turn? The recent tragedy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where three innocent Mu
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Love in the time of World Cup 1999

Love In The Time Of World Cup 1999

The 1992 World Cup had aging stars and new ones, Imran Khan and Ian Botham rubbing shoulders with Sachin Tendulkar and Brian L
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“You think you can harass me just because I’m a woman?” – You tell him, girlfriend!

“You Think You Can Harass Me Just Because I’m A Woman?” – You Tell Him, Girlfriend!

[embed width="620"][/embed] The video clip shows her berating the man for seeking opp
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I stand with Altaf Hussain

I Stand With Altaf Hussain

An event organised by politicians by spending a lot of money to awaken the naujawans is the very definition of a mujra. Tell
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Dear PTI and MQM, abuse and vitriol won’t get us anywhere

Dear PTI And MQM, Abuse And Vitriol Won’t Get Us Anywhere

Starting from the startling revelations by Sindh rangers regarding the Baldia Town inferno, to a half-cooked joint investigatio
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Kashmir protest: Is India in denial?

Kashmir Protest: Is India In Denial?

Only five years after the hanging of Mohammad Maqbool Butt, founder of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), in Tihar
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Genetically ‘male’ woman gives birth to twins. Great, but did she have to?

Genetically ‘male’ Woman Gives Birth To Twins. Great, But Did She Have To?

A 32-year-old ‘woman’ had a rare hormonal conditional where she looks like a woman but is ‘almost’ a man. She did not a
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I thought he was a beggar-child…

I Thought He Was A Beggar-child…

Suddenly, a man came rushing towards us, “He is not a beggar! You look smart enough to know that!” he said, outraged. “He
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Shamitabh: You either love it or hate it – nothing in between

Shamitabh: You Either Love It Or Hate It – Nothing In Between

R Balki’s Shamitabh revolves around the story of a speech-impaired boy, named Daanish, and his struggles to realise his drea
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