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Baltimore riots: Racial prejudice in the US strikes again

Baltimore Riots: Racial Prejudice In The US Strikes Again

Be it the sexist and ageist slurs being hurled at Hillary Clinton for running for office; or the multiple lawsuits filed again
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Pakistan one of the least racist countries? Tell that to the Pakhtuns

Pakistan One Of The Least Racist Countries? Tell That To The Pakhtuns

As a liberal who has long decried our nation’s exquisitely racist attitude towards Pakhtuns, Hazaras, Jews and any mound of pr
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NA-246 by-elections: Not as democratic as you think

NA-246 By-elections: Not As Democratic As You Think

This constituency managed to gather an unprecedented interest as the by-elections were announced in the wake of the Rangers’
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Stop making marriage a monster, it is not all about ‘compromise’

Stop Making Marriage A Monster, It Is Not All About ‘compromise’

In our part of the world, we believe getting married is an antidote – a complete cure package for numerous issues. Therefore
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Is atheism rampant in the Middle East?

Is Atheism Rampant In The Middle East?

Following this astonishing revelation, a raging debate sparked all over the Middle East, since religion has been the most sacred
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Sabeen Mahmud, shine on you crazy diamond

Sabeen Mahmud, Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Sabeen Mahmud’s work and impact pays the greatest tribute to her beautiful and indomitable spirit. I don’t want to list her
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#IAmSabeen: “This is the time to say Bismillah and march forward”

#IAmSabeen: “This Is The Time To Say Bismillah And March Forward”

Sabeen, the person, is no longer with us. Sabeen, the idea, will live on. Sabeen will never die twice. Sabeen is dead, lo
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Digital Youth Summit 2015: Helping Peshawar become more tech-savvy

Digital Youth Summit 2015: Helping Peshawar Become More Tech-savvy

Popularly known for its hospitality, Peshawar is one of the oldest existing cities in Asia. This tells the story of its resilien
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Will running for local government elections help the Christian community in K-P?

Will Running For Local Government Elections Help The Christian Community In K-P?

While commentary on minority rights in Pakistan has a large presence on social media, it is slowly creeping into everyday dialog
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Meet Maryam, India’s Malala

Meet Maryam, India’s Malala

The news of the young Muslim girl went viral on social networking portals and sparked numerous debates on news channel. While so
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Business grad in Pakistan? Start looking for a job!

Business Grad In Pakistan? Start Looking For A Job!

Your degree is proof that you are a bachelors or a masters degree-holder in business administration. But, ironically, while such
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Swim in a warm pool of oozing chocolate with this decadent lava cake

Swim In A Warm Pool Of Oozing Chocolate With This Decadent Lava Cake

We always ended up ordering order two or three and would share it amongst the eight or nine of us. Although each person would o
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The diary of an “innocent princess”

The Diary Of An “innocent Princess”

It is not my fault that I was born to Mr and Ms Princess; my father was ridiculed throughout his school life for that name. My f
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Forget New York or Paris, take a trip to Thatta, Bhambore and Makli

Forget New York Or Paris, Take A Trip To Thatta, Bhambore And Makli

I got such a chance this March, when I joined a small group of travel and photography enthusiasts led by Jibran from Tangerine M
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She is a Muslim, covers her head and is a firefighter in NYC

She Is A Muslim, Covers Her Head And Is A Firefighter In NYC

Being who I have become by virtue of the battering of years gone by, I have developed a keen sense of appreciation for the extra
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