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Six (of many other) ‘wrong numbers’ that Pakistan keeps dialling

Six (of Many Other) ‘wrong Numbers’ That Pakistan Keeps Dialling

But if you give the message in the movie a little more thought, you will realise that most of what happens in Pakistan is a ‘w
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If you’re looking for brainless fun, Dolly Ki Doli is the movie for you!

If You’re Looking For Brainless Fun, Dolly Ki Doli Is The Movie For You!

Dolly Ki Doli revolves around a con artist named Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) who marries young men from different backgrounds and reli
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The cunning Goldilocks, stealing husbands and what not

The Cunning Goldilocks, Stealing Husbands And What Not

Case 1: From what I know about Her, she has never had an original idea of her own. She instead goes into people’s lives and
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Not forgotten but forgiven: The prodigy returns

Not Forgotten But Forgiven: The Prodigy Returns

It took him all of two balls to win over the thousands of Pakistani supporters at The Oval and the millions at home watching the
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The rishta ordeal: “Quick, name all of the different kinds of pulao that exist today.”

The Rishta Ordeal: “Quick, Name All Of The Different Kinds Of Pulao That Exist Today.”

Instantly, I was certain that this was it, that after many exasperating months of encountering families and their obnoxious sons
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Steven Smith – Much more than just an ‘accidental hero’

Steven Smith – Much More Than Just An ‘accidental Hero’

Australia, currently playing against India and England, were set to chase a target of 303 in the fourth match of the Tri-series
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Lessons world leaders can learn from the students at Duke University

Lessons World Leaders Can Learn From The Students At Duke University

On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Duke University reversed one of its policies and cancelled the weekly Muslim call to prayer fro
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‘Half Girlfriend’ only half satisfying

‘Half Girlfriend’ Only Half Satisfying

Chetan Bhagat almost never fails to induce a million “aww” moments into his readers’ experiences with his stories. The wri
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Pakistani Twitterati took on the #PetrolShortage and here is what happened

Pakistani Twitterati Took On The #PetrolShortage And Here Is What Happened

The ‘petrol crisis’, as it is being referred, brought to light some interesting and entertaining observations on the countr
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Did Pakistan really top the ‘porn-searching’ list?

Did Pakistan Really Top The ‘porn-searching’ List?

“It leads the way in porn searches for animals like pigs, donkeys, cats, dogs and snakes.” Snakes? Are you kidding me?! I rea
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Saudi Arabia: Holy hypocrites

Saudi Arabia: Holy Hypocrites

I distinctly remember a muttawa once giving my mother a religious lecture over how she should contain her eight-year-old daughte
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12 similarities between Pakistan’s 1992 and 2015 World Cup squad that will blow your mind!

12 Similarities Between Pakistan’s 1992 And 2015 World Cup Squad That Will Blow Your Mind!

1. Venue 1992: Australia- New Zealand 2015: Australia- New Zealand 2. Captain Imran Khan Niazi of Mianwali (1992
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#OscarSoWhite: The dark truth of a white Academy

#OscarSoWhite: The Dark Truth Of A White Academy

While it is important to note that, in the past two decades, a large number of African-American, Hispanic and Asian actors and d
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Learning from the Peshawar attack, taking lessons from the children

Learning From The Peshawar Attack, Taking Lessons From The Children

I live in Karachi but I was going back home and I was excited. As I entered the lounge in my house, I saw my mom weeping in f
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APS parents give Imran Khan a kick in the right direction

APS Parents Give Imran Khan A Kick In The Right Direction

If you haven’t been following the news or your social media feeds, parents of the martyred APS students protested outside APS
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