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Unless PIA is privatised, it will continue to hijack the nation

Unless PIA Is Privatised, It Will Continue To Hijack The Nation

As much as I was fascinated by Nepal, I didn’t wish to spend more time in the country. For one, I was running low on cash as n
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Is it game over for Imran Khan and PTI?

Is It Game Over For Imran Khan And PTI?

It received an overwhelming response from its supporters in various consistencies, which made it the second largest party after
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Shahrukh Khan and Kajol fail to deliver their magic in “Dilwale”

Shahrukh Khan And Kajol Fail To Deliver Their Magic In “Dilwale”

The duo’s popularity is reminiscent to that of Amitabh Bachan and Rekha. No other on-screen couples  have been adored by fans
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When the Pakistani media decided to exploit a painful tragedy like APS

When The Pakistani Media Decided To Exploit A Painful Tragedy Like APS

I know of parents broken after losing their child to a terminal disease, and eventually found solace. The slow torture of witnes
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Does ‘masculinity’ deter men from seeking professional psychological help post APS?

Does ‘masculinity’ Deter Men From Seeking Professional Psychological Help Post APS?

In a society that has raised it boys and young men to be brave and heroic and socialises to believe that any expression of sadne
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You can work as a waiter or a driver in the US, but not in Pakistan

You Can Work As A Waiter Or A Driver In The US, But Not In Pakistan

When I came to the US, initially I thought this journey was more like a survival challenge for my existence. I was nostalgic
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Will the PPP extend the Rangers’ tenure? It’s damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t

Will The PPP Extend The Rangers’ Tenure? It’s Damned If It Does And Damned If It Doesn’t

On the issue of the extension of the Rangers’ tenure, the Sindh government has stumbled from one parliamentary pillar to the n
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Bara dushman bana phirtha hai jo bacchon se darta hai

Bara Dushman Bana Phirtha Hai Jo Bacchon Se Darta Hai

The first video was released by ISPR around a month after the horrific attacks and was broadcasted on various television chann
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Medicating women’s feelings

Medicating Women’s Feelings

These are observations rooted in biology, not intended to mesh with any kind of pro- or anti-feminist ideology. But they do have
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Why do over 17 million Pakistanis hold a ‘favourable’ view of ISIS?

Why Do Over 17 Million Pakistanis Hold A ‘favourable’ View Of ISIS?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: Kashif N Chaudhry[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"
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Hush little bomb

Hush Little Bomb

You’ve done your work. Hush little bomb, Please hide that smirk.   Smother your fire, Please, just take a brea
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From the diary of a mother who grieves

From The Diary Of A Mother Who Grieves

“Oh look at her! Her plight makes me grateful for everything I have!” I can see the empty empathy in their eyes. The pre
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Sanitary napkins are not luxury items… period

Sanitary Napkins Are Not Luxury Items… Period

Okay… all together now… let’s say the following words: Period… Menstruation... Tampons… Sanitary napkins
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Series 2: “Checkmate” Part 1 My near perfect life

Series 2: “Checkmate” Part 1 My Near Perfect Life

I opened my umbrella as I pushed open the office door. Maple trees, green with the celebration of spring, lined both sides of th
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From a Kashmiri’s perspective: Pakistan and India need to do a lot more than exchange handshakes and smiles

From A Kashmiri’s Perspective: Pakistan And India Need To Do A Lot More Than Exchange Handshakes And Smiles

However, the foreign policy is less about rhetoric and more about the reality on the ground. During his noisy election campa
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