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Brendan Rodgers needs to learn from Louis van Gaal, for Liverpool’s sake

Brendan Rodgers Needs To Learn From Louis Van Gaal, For Liverpool’s Sake

“If you spend more than £100m, you expect to be challenging for the league.” This season, Liverpool spent a staggering £117
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Risks of writing an authentic book in Karachi

Risks Of Writing An Authentic Book In Karachi

While girls were playing with Barbies, I was busy picking up my favourite books, cutting out the author’s name, putting my o
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Mad Max: Fury Road – Setting a new benchmark for action movies

Mad Max: Fury Road – Setting A New Benchmark For Action Movies

[embed width="620"][/embed] Still h
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##CricketComesHome: With tears and jubilation, the cornered tigers are back with a bang

##CricketComesHome: With Tears And Jubilation, The Cornered Tigers Are Back With A Bang

Hum bayabaan mein hein aur ghar mein bahar aayee hai” (Greenery is growing out of the doors and walls, Ghalib I am in wi
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‘Modi is the best thing to happen to India’ – Think again

‘Modi Is The Best Thing To Happen To India’ – Think Again

In his address to non-resident Indians (NRIs), he added that it was a moment of shame to be an Indian before his assumption of p
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Why can’t we bring back Ali Haider Gilani or Shahbaz Taseer?

Why Can’t We Bring Back Ali Haider Gilani Or Shahbaz Taseer?

The authorities claim that Shahbaz Taseer, son of late Salman Taseer, is also imprisoned under conditions as bad as Ali. The loc
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2019 World Cup qualifiers: Is India better than Pakistan?

2019 World Cup Qualifiers: Is India Better Than Pakistan?

The game has never been invested upon with the aim of building a professional team. Pakistan’s history of football is marked b
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Tanu Weds Manu Returns with a bang

Tanu Weds Manu Returns With A Bang

[embed width="620"][/embed] It’s been four years since Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Ma
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Is Pakistan capable of protecting its minorities?

Is Pakistan Capable Of Protecting Its Minorities?

But seeing this attack in isolation would not be of any help. We need to understand how religion has facilitated the state and,
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Don’t want to pay for a hotel while travelling? Find a couch!

Don’t Want To Pay For A Hotel While Travelling? Find A Couch!

This was the reply I received from Markus, my to-be host, with regards to my couch-surfing request that I had sent, for a two day
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Between the buns: A brief history of Karachi’s love affair with burgers

Between The Buns: A Brief History Of Karachi’s Love Affair With Burgers

After placing their order, they wait on remarkably uncomfortable chairs and pass time by discussing the classroom cutie. Soon, f
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Is Morsi going to be Egypt’s Bhutto?

Is Morsi Going To Be Egypt’s Bhutto?

My political alignment is exactly the opposite of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, but I admire him as a great public orator and a tactical
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‘No groom for you’ – The dilemma of an Indian gay man

‘No Groom For You’ – The Dilemma Of An Indian Gay Man

The search begins to find the correct partner, by word of mouth and other avenues. One method includes placing a newspaper matr
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There is zero tolerance for hate speech in Pakistan, even if you are a cleric!

There Is Zero Tolerance For Hate Speech In Pakistan, Even If You Are A Cleric!

In the last few months, over 4,000 individuals were arrested for similar offences while 21 have been convicted in Punjab for d
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Balochistan 2: There is more to Balochistan than the state’s high-handedness

Balochistan 2: There Is More To Balochistan Than The State’s High-handedness

Mama Qadeer’s son, Jalil Reiki, was the information secretary of the Balochistan Republican Party, headed by Brahamdagh Bugti
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